mainJust when you least expect it (although it’s kind of predictable, considering what day it is), it’s an all new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! It’s February and New York Toy Fair and most of the years biggest toy announcements and reveals are just two weeks away! As we lead into this most ceremonious of months, we’re already getting plenty of cool new products being shown off by some of our favorite companies based on top licenses like Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars! There’s something for everyone in the Toy News for the week of February 7th, 2017!

This Week From Diamond Select

Once again we’re kicking things off with a few new offerings from Diamond Select Toys that are set to hit stores this week! While they aren’t quite the action figures many of us crave, these statues and PVC figures are the perfect addition to make your collection just a little more fancy. We’ve got three new pieces from their DC Animated lines, plus the next Marvel Gallery figure! Check out the full solicitations below-

Batman The Animated Series Man-Bat Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! Beware the Man-Bat! The newest resin bust in the epic line based on Batman: The Animated Series depicts scientist Kirk Langstrom as his monstrous alter-ego, the Man-Bat! Measuring over 6 inches tall and approximately 8 inches in diameter, this detailed bust is set on top of an art-deco base inspired by the show’s distinctive architecture. Limited to only 3000 pieces, it comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Sculpted by Varner Studios! (Item #AUG162554, SRP: $59.99)


Batman Animated Series Premier Collection Nurse Harley Quinn 12” Resin Statue

A Diamond Select Toys release! Hello, nurse! On the TV classic Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn played dress-up almost as often as she wore her now-iconic jumpsuit. And this all-new 12-inch resin statue depicts one of her most memorable clothing swaps – a nurse’s disguise! Nurse Harley blows a kiss to her next patient while wearing a short, white mini-dress and standing on a logo disk base. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this statue comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Clayburn Moore! (Item #AUG162553, SRP$ 149.99)



DC Gallery Justice League Black Canary PVC Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! The heroines of the DC Animated Universe are expanding their roster! As seen on Justice League Unlimited, this 9-inch scale PVC figure of the Black Canary depicts Dinah Lance unleashing a sonic scream at her opponent, wearing her classic, comic-inspired leather jacket and tights. Figure is in scale to all Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC figures, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Varner Studios! (Item #AUG162555, SRP: $45.00)BlackCanaryGallery



Marvel Gallery Jessica Jones as Jewel PVC Diorama

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Before she was a hard-boiled detective and the star of her own TV show, Jessica Jones was Jewel, an up-and-coming superhero, part-time Avenger and full-time fashion plate! This 9-inch scale PVC diorama of Jewel depicts the superheroine with her purple hair and white jumpsuit, blowing a kiss of purple stars. In scale to all Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC figures, Jewel comes packaged in a full-color widow box, and features a detailed sculpt and paint applications. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira. (Item #NOV162441, SRP: $45.00)MarvelGalleryJessicaJones



Mattel’s DC Multiverse Is Expanding

Mattel’s DC Comics based lines have certainly had their ups and downs over the years. Most recently they’ve been undergoing a resurgence in popularity since the DC Multiverse 6″ scale line relaunched with a mixture of comic and live action versions of some of our favorite heroes and villains from the DCU. This week we’re looking at a few new reveals that look to continue the trend by giving fans what they want from both worlds!

This week, BBTS posted up a whole new wave of DC Multiverse 6″ scale figures for preorder! Some of these were shown last year at SDCC and NYCC, but others have never been seen before! The wave is set to consist of The Flash (Jay Garrick of Earth 2 from TV’s ‘The Flash’), Zoom  (from TV’s ‘The Flash’), Batman (James Gordon), Batgirl (‘New 52’), Hawkman (TV’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’), and The Joker (‘The Dark Knight Returns’). This wave is based around a massive build a figure of King Shark (which has alternative heads to make either the comic or the TV version!). It is set to release later this month!

mattel dc multiverse

In addition to these awesome new reveals, thanks to Twitter user Ablouzada (and the team at ToyArk), we have our first look at some of the upcoming DC Multiverse figures based on this years upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ film! Images have leaked of two figures from the upcoming line, which will now officially include Diana of Themyscira, as well as Steve Trevor. Both are figures we could probably have guessed we would be getting, although the big reveal is the build-a-figure for the line, which is *POTENTIAL WONDER WOMAN MOVIE SPOILER ALERT HIGHLIGHT TEXT TO READ* the god of war himself, Ares!  There is no current release date yet set for these figures, although it’s safe to assume they will be hitting stores sometime around the film’s release in June 2017.



 Marvelous New Figures From Hasbro

Of all the brands and licenses on the mass market, there are few that dominate quite like Marvel Comics. The team at Hasbro has been working hard keep bringing us  cool new Marvel stuff, and now it’s time to deliver!

First up we’ve got some new 3.75″ Marvel Legends coming our way! These new figures are based on some of the latest offerings from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a few 3.75″ scale movie-styled figure 2-packs! These figure 2-packs are set to retail for around $19.99 and so far include pairs like Starlord with Yondu from ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’, Doctor Strange with Astral Form Doctor Strange from ‘Doctor Strange’, and Spiderman with The Vulture from ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’! These are set to ship to stores later this spring.

hasbro marvel legends 3.75
The last time around, most toy companies missed out on the merchandising monster that is ‘Baby Groot’ until long after the film had released in order to hold off from spoilers leaking! This time, for ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ we’re going in knowing exactly how adorable Groot is going to be, and Hasbro is wasting exactly zero time bringing this fantastic new character to our collections! Hasbro has announced the all new Dancing Baby Groot figure for release this spring, who will dance along to the tune of songs straight from the ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ soundtrack! Check out the full release info below-


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Spring 2017)

“I Am Groot.” Start grooving to the music like GROOT with this sound-detecting and limb-shaking DANCING GROOT! Watch as this 11.5-inch electronic figure lights up when it plays and dances to a music clip from the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 soundtrack. Turn on your own tunes and keep the beat going with DANCING GROOT, which can detect external music too. While your favorite jam is playing, GROOT’s eyes light up and his roots move to the music. Requires 3 AA batteries, included. Available at most major retailers and on


The Force Is Strong With Hasbro

Much like with Marvel, the ‘Star Wars’ brand is another license that Hasbro has proudly been able to bring to our collections year after year. With New York Toy Fair on the horizon, Hasbro is releasing new images and product listings for some of their upcoming collectibles and it’s getting really hard not to get excited about some of these! Check out the full listings from Hasbro below-


(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2017)
Bring ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY to life with this 12-inch electronic figure! Jump into action     with the elite IMPERIAL DEATH TROOPER, by squeezing the figure’s legs to activate authentic battle sounds. Each figure sold separately. Requires one 1.5V AA battery. Available at most major retailers and on Compatible with the HASBRO STAR WARS STUDIOFX App.



(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Spring 2017)
Pick a side in the galactic battle between good and evil! Choose between the IMPERIAL DEATH TROOPER and REBEL COMMANDO PAO or the SCARIF STORMTROOPER and MOROFF from ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY, or relive the events from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS with POE DAMERON and the FIRST ORDER SNOWTROOPER. Each 3.75-INCH DELUXE FIGURE 2-PACK comes with 2 figures and multiple accessories, including a dual-projectile launcher. Each pack sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on Compatible with the HASBRO STAR WARS STUDIOFX App.STAR-WARS-3.75-INCH-DELUXE-FIGURE-2-PACK-Assortment-Shoretrooper-Captain-Bistan-oop



(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $7.99/Available: Spring 2017)
Enter the world of STAR WARS and launch into action and adventure! Each 3.75-inch figure features five points of articulation and comes with their iconic battle accessories. Characters include heroes and villains from ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY such as JYN ERSO, K-2SO, IMPERIAL GROUND CREW, GALEN ERSO, and IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER, STAR WARS REBELS characters including KANAN JARRUS (Stormtrooper Disguise) and SABINE WREN, and KYLO REN and REY (JAKKU) from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Each figure sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on Compatible with the HASBRO STAR WARS STUDIOFX wars 3.75 inch



(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Spring 2017)
Build a custom lightsaber fit for the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy! Extend the JEDI KNIGHT LIGHTSABER with a flick of the wrist and attach the double lightdaggers for close combat. Compatible with BLADEBUILDERS LIGHTSABER components, each sold separately. Includes yellow lightsaber, 2 purple lightdaggers, and 5 adjustable connectors. Available at most major retailers and on



Mezco Unleashed The One:12 Merc With A Mouth

Few characters have a fanbase as devoted or as rabid for new collectibles like Deadpool, so it should be a surprise to no one that Mezco is bringing the fan favorite Merc With A  Mouth to their insanely popular One:12 Collective line of highly detailed 6″ figures! To make things even better, if you pre-order him through Mezco’s website, you get an exclusive Headpool accessory! Check out the full solicit from Mezco below-

Wade Winston Wilson, known to the world as Deadpool, is a disfigured and mentally unstable mercenary with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and physical prowess. The “Merc with a Mouth” joins the One:12 Collective with a comprehensively detailed outfit and portrait sculptures.

mezco deadpool

Additionally, this limited edition Mezco exclusive version includes a Headpool accessory only available via our website — while supplies last.

The Deadpool One:12 Collective exclusive figure features:

  • Two (2) newly developed head portraits including:
    • Classic head
    • Squinting head
  • One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Over 16cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands including
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • One (1) pair of gun and sword holding hands (L & R)
    • One (1) grenade throwing hand (R)
    • One shaka / “hang loose” hand (L)mezco deadpool 2


  • Sculpted gloves on each hand
  • Vambrace on each forearm
  • Harness with sheaths for katanas also holds 40mm style grenades
  • Belt with sculpted pouches and logo also holds hand grenades
  • Thigh holsters for handguns
  • Sculpted boots


  • One (1) Headpool disembodied head
  • One (1) machine gun with removable ammo clip and opening grenade chamber
  • Six (6) 40mm style grenades (fit in the grenade launcher chamber)
  • Two (2) hand guns with removable ammo clip
  • Four (4) hand grenades
  • Two (2) katanas
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

Each figure is packaged in a deluxe, collector friendly box designed with collectors in mind; there are no twist ties, for easy in-and-out of package display.


McFarlane Shows Their Colors

If you’re a gamer, then you’re probably no stranger to the names ‘Gears Of War’ and ‘Mass Effect’, and that also means you’re probably about to get very excited. The team at McFarlane Toys has revealed some of the latest new figures that will be joining their 7″ scale Color Tops Collection, and they’re straight out of ‘Gears Of War 4’ and ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’! From ‘Gears Of War 4’ we’ve got the original series star Marcus Fenix, while from ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ fans can keep an eye out for Sara Ryder and Scott Ryder. These figures are all set to hit stores this June!

mcfarlane color tops


NECA Brings The Horror

The team over at NECA is know both for making some of the highest quality figures on the market, and for producing some of the coolest horror collectibles around! More often than not, these two qualities intertwine to produce some of the highest quality and most beautifully well put together horror figures that we’ve ever seen, and this week’s new NECA reveals are a perfect example of that.

First up we’ve got our first full look at the new ‘Ultimate Jason Voorhees’ from ‘Friday The 13th Part IV’! This new ‘Ultimate’ Jason includes two alternative heads, a number of film specific weapons, and a ton of articulation so you can nail almost any pose you can come up with! Check out the full solicitation for this fantastic looking new figure from NECA below-

NECA is proud to present the definitive collector’s version of Jason as he appeared in Friday the 13 Part 4: The Final Chapter!

We’ve taken our classic Part 4 Jason and given him the “Ultimate” treatment, with deluxe packaging, tooling improvements for production of masks, and a slew of new accessories. Plus, you can recreate his (not quite) fatal wound by sliding his machete into the side of his head.


This deluxe 7” scale action figure features over 25 points of articulation and is packed with accessories. It comes with two masks, two interchangeable head sculpts, knife, corkscrew, tombstone, hacksaw, cleaver, machete, and axe.

The packaging is deluxe too, with a front window flap featuring the movie’s original one-sheet poster art!

But that’s not all! This week NECA also revealed some more of their plans for this years upcoming 30th Anniversary of the ‘Predator’ franchise! In a post to Twitter, NECA revealed this image of what looks like a rerelease of their Jungle Patrol Dutch figure! The original has gone up to insane prices on the secondary market, so it’s good news for people who are playing “catch up” with this line. In total there will be seven figures released in the ‘Predator 30th Anniversary’ line, with a healthy mix of rereleases and new figures. Unfortunately NECA also confirmed that no other members of Dutch’s team would be included in this line, likely due to likeness rights issues. This wave is set to hit stores this summer!



The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!

The Return Of Steven Universe

After the smashing success of the first wave, Funko is back for even more ‘Steven Universe’! A second wave of POP! Vinyls based on the hit Cartoon Network series is set to hit stores this March and includes more of your favorite characters like Connie, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Lapis, and Lion!
funko steven universe

Funko Isn’t Heartless…

This spring, Funko is diving into the world of Disney’s ‘Kingdom Hearts’! This April you can keep an eye out for Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pete, and a special two pack of Chip & Dale! Also be sure to look for retailer exclusive variants of Donald (Hot Topic), Goofy (Gamestop), and Pete (Walmart)!

funko kingdom hearts

February Specialty Series

Funko has revealed the latest figures to join their comic shop and specialty store exclusive ‘Specialty Series’! This months offerings include a POP! Vinyl of Iceman from Marvel’s ‘X-Men’, and an all new Dorbz figure of a ‘Vacation Minion’ from the ‘Despicable Me’ series! These should be hitting specialty retailers this month!

funko specialty series

And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!

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