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Continuing their tradition of releasing some spoilers and information to whet our collective appetite but not really giving us enough to actually spoil anything, Marvel recently released a slew of production stills from ‘The Defenders’ which you can check out over at Getty Images.

The photos are mainly of Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones together walking and talking, ostensibly doing some investigative work, the two being the best suited to work together to actually track down leads and work a case since they both work more or less in that field in their professional, non-superhero everyday lives. There is nothing too exciting about the photos other than seeing the two actors in character together, and the photos do not really give away anything about the series, except for speculation. Like, if these two are working together, and if this is at some point after the team has come together, it would stand to reason that Danny Rand and Luke Cage are also off working together, which could mean some excellent bonding time for the two characters that we have been waiting to meet and become friends, especially since we know how close they are in the comics. Another speculation, since Murdock is using his walking stick and Jessica in some shots looks a little impatient, there’s a chance in these scenes that she is unaware of his alter-ego at this point, which could lead to some cool moments of Murdock outwitting her as she leaves him behind thinking a blind man cannot keep up with her and he manages to track her or whoever their suspect is faster than she can. And I throw that out there because I’m sure Matt’s secret identity is an angle they are going to explore since so far Matt is the only hero on the team with an alter-ego, and I’m fairly certain at some point he will be revealing both sides of himself to his teammates.

What are your thoughts on these new set photos? Do you have any theories or ideas based on what we’re seeing here? Feel free to share any wild ideas you come up with in the comments section below!