rocket-1-01We all know that Rocket Raccoon has had a dodgy past and in his upcoming series ‘ROCKET” it looks like he’ll be back on the lamb running heists and cons across the galaxy. Writer Al Ewing (‘The Ultimates’,’US Avengers’) and artist Adam Gorham (‘The Violent’) swear that these shenanigans are “for a noble purpose” though knowing this guy, he’s having a little too much fun doing it.

The series is set to launch in May and it looks like he’ll be on his own without Groot to keep him safe and on the level so it will be interesting to see how his questionable morality plays out.

The premise of the comic is simple: “He thought his paws were clean, that they were on the up and up. But just when he thought he was out, they grabbed him by the fuzzy tail and pulled him back in. One day, an old flame (who happens to be an Otter) swims back into your life and just like that you’re back in the game…the heist game. From the dingy alleys of Knowhere to the far corners of deep space, they’ll speak in whispers that one of the best there ever was is back. If you need a safe cracked. If you need a vault busted. If you’ve got a big score that needs taking…you call Rocket. Just don’t call him a raccoon. It won’t end well for you.”

Did I say simple? This is Rocket Raccoon we’re talking about here. Of course, it’s not simple in the slightest!

According to Ewing they’ll be playing with areas of Rocket’s past and fleshing out the good and the bad:

“Rocket has such a long and varied history. He has gone from a sheriff type, a lawman-slash-warden overseeing an asylum with a bunch of other humanoid animals, and over the years he has become much more of an outlaw. We’ve padded out his backstory slightly by giving him some “wild years” post-Halfworld—and we’ll explain it all in issue #1. So we’ve had an interesting time showing flashes of these shadowy pasts he doesn’t like to talk about much. We definitely see some of that heart, though.”

He might be a criminal in the series but Gorham says that we’ll be seeing more of Rocket’s “vulnerable side” which any fan knows does exist even though it’s usually pretty buried behind the swearing and explosions that follow in his wake:

“After reading Al’s script, it seemed clear that we’d see a more vulnerable side to Rocket than I can recall. So I considered it important to have the character emote, visually imparting pathos along with Rocket’s signature smarmy charm.”

They aren’t planning on making this return to criminal activities out of the blue though and seems to fit the personality which has been crafted over the years as Ewing says:

“He goes back in for heroic reasons—the best reasons, really—in order to help an old friend-slash-something-more. But I wouldn’t consider it too much of a spoiler to say that the situation goes south very quickly, and takes Rocket with it. Once back in that life, Rocket finds himself very much back in it, and as things get crazier, so do the heists. I’d call it very much a “caper” book.”

Editor Jordan D. White has added in that:

‘This is the book you never realized you desperately needed from a talking raccoon. It’s The Maltese Falcon if the falcon was the detective. It’s The Hunter, except the hunter is a rodent. And in space. Honestly, you gotta read it—it sets a new standard in the spacecrime continuum!”

Fans of the character will likely miss his bromance with Groot in these pages but it does sound like we’re in for a real treat here. I’m not doing to lie, going off the cover at the top I think Rocket needs to wear a suit more often.

Are you looking for Rocket to come back and really make a mess of his life, again? What galactic cameos do you hope to make an appearance outside of any of the Guardians? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel

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