When I first heard that there would be a ‘Deadpool Vs. X-Force’ crossover I groaned. Been there, done that. When I heard that it was going to be a team up in the style of the 90s comics of ‘Cable and Deadpool’ with the same characters of the original X-Force and art style it peaked my interest. While the initial meeting between these characters occurred in ‘New Mutants’ now it would appear that they met once even prior to that!

Is this a must buy issue? If you love classic 90s comics with X-Force, yes! If you love anything with Deadpool, you’ve probably already picked it up (and it’s a yes.) If you don’t really enjoy either of these two, then there isn’t much that is going on here that you’ll want to buy. There probably won’t be any big changes of continuity here on any of these characters.

As someone who enjoys Deadpool and 90s X-Force (even though I love Spurrier’s current run a bit more these days), I couldn’t help but check this out. Its fun, full of action, Cable with a glowing eye, and big guns. Big guns, well, more like tons of guns, as we see Deadpool stealing a prototype time machine in order to travel back and have his own way with history.

In the first issue we don’t really know what Wade Wilson is doing but while he seems to be going on a killing spree but does appear to be following a list. He is being extremely careful to head back to the Civil War and only kill people who aparently are going to die anyway. Why? Does he want to rack up his body count? Is he trying to kill or save one specific person and change history? Maybe someone served him a bad chimichanga and he is trying to kill that person’s ancestor so that he is never born.

It’s too early to tell but Cable had a vision that the timeline was going to be changed and when Cable has a vision he follows it to prevent it from happening. Its just what he does. Anyone who knows Cable knows that!

Cable doesn’t know much about Deadpool at this time and wants to bring a team with him that he feels will not only listen but be able to help him out. His recruits? The future ‘X-Force’ while they were still the ‘New Mutants’ in their first adventure together prior to assembling.

There really wasn’t anything bad about the issue and while it’s fun there isn’t anything special either. It’ll be a fun stand alone tale but it most likely won’t make any true changes to continuity. It feels almost like a page out of Deadpool’s recent run were he was pit against past presidents of the United States but without any basis to know why he is doing it.

Bottom line the comic is a fun read, though if you aren’t fans of the characters or era it’s set in, you’ll probably want to pass on it.


Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Artist: Pepe Larraz