It was recently announced that much like The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, we would be seeing America Chavez heading off to college in ‘America’ #1 and writer Gabby Rivera has a few details on what we’ll be seeing in the comic. Landing on March 1st we’ll see a student who is trying to find herself. As a continuity jumping superhero who is part of The Ultimates this kind of pursuit is something that could not only ground the character a little, but give us a better idea of who she is.

She might be out saving the galaxy on a regular basis but America is still a young woman and losing touch with her humanity isn’t the healthiest of options.

What kind of classes can we expect a superhero like her to pick up?

“She’ll also invest herself in what she’s studying: ancient revolutionaries and ancestral knowledge. How did indigenous folks conquer monsters? What tips and tricks can she pick up? She’ll take a look back at historical figures and women. And she’ll take a P.E. class that will involve bodybuilding and stunt man-like training. She’ll have that freshman year of college experience where you sort of try everything. And later on, maybe not in this arc, she’ll take some nerdy, science classes, too.”

One important part of her history that we’ll potentially see explored, though, is her lineage:

“I don’t want to give too much away, but she will have the chance to get a glimpse of the long line of women she comes from, and their connection to the planet. And also their history of kicking some ass—testing the body, being physical, and letting that sort of energy out. So we’ll see her exploring the peaceful aspects of her lineage, but also the physical and strong elements, and how those can live in balance with each other. America even gets to know some of her ancestors. She’ll get to enjoy finding family, and experiencing a connection to her roots. She has had this separation from her homeland, and now she’ll encounter it again as an adult, and we’ll see her figuring out her own relationship with her history.”

We’re supposed to see her eventually leading the Ultimates and how could this standalone play into that?

“I don’t want to say anything that might contradict what the ULTIMATES 2 creative team will do. But I think moving forward, she’ll have a lot of strategic skill, and she’ll really know how to distribute her resources. She’ll have talent at planning thoughtful and kind of wild missions. I could see her as a really good spy, the one who shows up in a suit with a briefcase while six other missions are happening and she knows every move. I don’t think she has really flexed that quality yet. Right now, we see her as kind of the muscle, working her way up to becoming the boss. And eventually she’ll surpass that level and become a great leader.”

It isn’t every day that we have a hero who can quite literally punch holes in reality and travel through the multiverse. When you have one it seems like even less of a chance that we’d see them heading off to college for a bit.

I honestly think that this could be a great way for readers to get a better grasp on America, I just hope that they don’t undercut her enormous powersets for the sake of the story.

Are you looking forward to reading ‘America’ #1? Do you think this was a good pick for a solo outing on Marvel’s part? Share your thoughts below True Believers!




Source: Marvel

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