Peter Parker isn’t the only one that is coming out of “The Clone Conspiracy” with some changes to his life as Cindy Moon, better known as Silk, is going to have a few changes in her life as well. Today, writer Robbie Thompson shares a bit about where Silk will be in issue #18 which finds her back in New York and dressed as Silk after the events from the last major web-slinging crossover event.

Only, what happened on the west coast wasn’t all fun and games and that isn’t just because J. Jonah Jameson is her boss. Though, her interaction with Jameson does change going forward as well.
According to Thompson:

Jonah is actually able to let his guard down around Cindy in ways he doesn’t normally and that bond actually helps both of them as we’ll see in issue #18. Without giving too much away, they’re both really rocked by Clone Conspiracy and their lives are changed forever, but they still somehow find a way to have empathy for one another. I think in some ways, Jonah has been like a father-figure to Cindy, and even though her dad is back now—and being controlled by a villain!—that bond is still there.

It isn’t just her work life that has fallout, though. While Cindy and Peter have a natural chemistry with one another they’ve clearly moved away from that and now she’s into Spectro who for the first time is flesh and bone. Which can only lead to one thing:

Spectro being back in an actual human clone body, allowed them to express how they feel about each other in ways they couldn’t before—kissing!

Love is in the air and these two star-crossed lovers are going to be progressing on their relationship for quite some time. It isn’t all fun and games though as her family life is a mess. Sure, she has them back and around but now has no idea where to go with that:

On a plot level, she doesn’t yet know her father is being manipulated by a villain named Fang. But it’s starting to creep into her life and we’ll be confronting that in issue #19 directly.

On a personal level, though, Cindy isn’t sure what to do now that her family is back. When she got out of the bunker, they were all she was looking for. Finding them defined her. She shaped her life around tracking them down: working at the Fact Channel, going undercover in Black Cat’s gang for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how sold I would be on The Clone Conspiracy crossover event but at least where Silk has been concerned it truly feels like they’ve been evolving her character with it on a few fronts. However, back in the Big Apple things will be happening as:

The events of Clone Conspiracy have shaken Cindy Moon to her core. There are big, big changes coming for her starting with issue #18, specifically with the very last page, which illustrates the next step Cindy—and Silk—will be taking in the Marvel Universe.

Way to leave us hanging on what to expect Thompson. Now fans of Silk are going to be dying for the March 1st release of the 18th issue.

Silk fans, what do you think the big reveal will be at the end of issue #18? Do you have any thoughts on this female version of Spidey running around? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel

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