With Ben Affleck (‘Argo’,’The Town’) having decided that he doesn’t want to direct ‘The Batman‘, we’ve just learned that Matt Reeves (‘War For the Planet of the Apes‘,’Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’) is on the short list to tackle the film. The last couple weeks have been rocky for the The Dark Knight’s return to the big screen with a script still in limbo and Affleck hinting that he wasn’t interested in persuing directing himself in the feature.

If these delays keep up one might wonder if he may attempt to even get out of his contract to star as Bruce Wayne in another outing. While that does seem unlikely, Reeves could be a great choice to keep Affleck interested in the project. He has long been a director who also ends up help tighten up the writing on his films which is clearly where this feature has been suffering from in pre-production.

The rumor came from Variety and is pretty solid as it came from the same writer who exclusively broke the news that Affleck would not be directing the standalone film that he is still set to star in and produce:

Reeves could be a great choice for the role as he has been able to show action and character development while delivering a solidly shot blockbuster. Hopefully, if Reeves is chosen, a solid script will also be ready for Affleck to work off of instead of the apparently constantly failing one that keeps getting turned in. At this time as the script hasn’t been completed, there is no set filming or release date for ‘The Batman.’

Do you think that Matt Reeves would be a good choice to direct ‘The Batman’? If not, who would you like to see in the director’s chair? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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