Over the weekend we tragically lost the talented actor John Hurt and fans of the Harry Potter films have been memorializing him in a very fitting way. Of his many iconic roles from ‘Alien’ to ‘Hellboy’ to his first major work on ‘The Elephant Man, ‘ the actor has always shined on the big screen. However for Muggles the world over, his stand out role will, of course, be the wandmaker Ollivander from the Potterverse.

In the films, Ollivander only had a limited role in three of the films but each of these scenes had significant meaning to the story. Obviously, fans of the series who want to play tribute did do so with wands raised high in the air:

Ollivander’s wand shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios is a location where one can actually buy a Harry Potter wand and it was a true tribute that so many fans came out to participate in their own way of saying goodbye to such an onscreen legend.

Anyone who has read or seen the series know that the majority of leads received their wands at this very shop and Ollivander was the one who gave both Harry and Voldemort their Phoenix feather wands.

Do you think this was a fitting tribute to John Hurt for fans of Harry Potter? Which of Hurt’s films was your favorite and how would you give tribute to this great actor? Share your thoughts below!

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