After much speculation, Peter Capaldi has officially confirmed that the upcoming 2017 season of ‘Doctor Who’ will be his last voyage aboard the TARDIS.  The Twelfth Doctor made the announcement on BBCRadio2, who then delivered the shocking news to Whovians worldwide via Twitter:


The news doesn’t come as too big a shock.  Showrunner Steven Moffat, who brought Capaldi onboard announced his departure with the upcoming series in 2016 and many expected Capaldi to follow suit.  Capaldi himself has lamented the grueling shooting conditions and schedule of the show and has been pursuing directing more and more.  In addition, it has been rumored that the BBC is unhappy with the ratings of the most recent seasons and slowed sales of licensed merchandise.  Add to that the revelation that the upcoming companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie was only signed on for one season.  All these factors would indicate that the upcoming episodes would be the closing of one chapter in order to pave the way for a fresh start for Season Eleven.

During his interview, Capaldi said:

“One of the greatest privileges of being Doctor Who is to see the world at its best.  From our brilliant crew and creative team working for the best broadcaster on the planet, to the viewers and fans whose endless creativity, generosity and inclusiveness points to a brighter future ahead.I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s been cosmic.”

Listen to the moment here:

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