Will-Save-The-Galaxy-For-FoodWhat happens to a space fairing pilot when the heydays of the space race are over as technology has surpassed the need one who made his living in an industry that no longer exists? Yahtzee Croshaw looks to tell us just that in ‘Will Save The Galaxy For Food’ by introducing us to Jacques McKeown who is a galaxy famous pilot and hate figure. Well, we’re actually introduced to someone who has agreed to masquerade as him in order to be able to make some money when he can’t find a job. Part action, part adventure, and all humor – Croshaw is giving us a novel that will have you laughing from start to finish while wanting to know what is happening next.

While piloting was once the lifeblood of interstellar travel and commerce, that all came crashing down when Quantum Teleportation was invented. Who needs to fly anywhere when one can simply travel from any point in the galaxy to another. In a rare instance where a pilot is needed, McKeown was hired for the job and has gone missing. The contractor who arranged it has taken our young hero in order to fake being the infamous McKeown. With no job or prospect for one, how could our unlikely hero say no?

Moving past the comedy and action, Croshaw actually delves into a very timely topic. Technology advancing at a rate that completely phases out a profession. We’re seeing it happening in manufacturing and many other areas of our lives. Even changes in preferred energy sources are wiping out an industry and this is all smartly touched upon on ‘Will Save the Galaxy for Food.’ It was slipped in so subtly you almost could miss the social commentary but it shows exactly how badly many can be affected by a single invention. What happens to someone when their livelihood can no longer provide and how do they adapt to the new world are questions which are looked at here.

In ‘Will Save the Galaxy for Food’ we’re giving a novel that is smart and witty tying in modern issues and throwing them into a far-flung future. You aren’t going to be beaten over your head with the social commentary as it falls into a background narrative but it is important for not only shaping the story but for putting our protagonist into the position he is in. A must have for pulpy science fiction fans that gives us a galaxy which I’d love to see more of down the line.


Will Save the Galaxy for Food
By: Yahtzee Croshaw
Dark Horse Books
February 1st, 2017

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