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Sadly, we have at last come to the end of ‘Con Man’ Season 2, and what a wild ride it has been. The final two episodes did a  fairly decent job of wrapping up the major plot points for the season, while also setting up a lot for Season 3.

Con Man - Wray and Finley
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Jumping right in, Wray arrives at a bar where he actively tries to prevent Tiffany from drinking, having to down all of the drinks she orders to prevent her from taking them herself. Bobby meanwhile has taken a stakeout position as the bartender, watching Finley Farrow and Girth Hemsworth flirt on a nearby couch. Wray, now a little drunk, prepares to go in and convince Finley to choose him for the lead in ‘Doctor-Cop-Lawyer’ (with Tiffany ripping open his shirt to expose his nipples beforehand, and being disgusted by his chest hair). He makes his way to Finley and they do manage to talk despite the chaos, and she informs him that she saw his audition and was intrigued by his damaged interpretation of the character, wondering how much of that was acting and how much was Wray himself. Bobby, wanting to help Wray, jumps out in a new native costume and attacks Girth, cutting open his forehead with her weapon, and the crowd disperses, leaving Wray sullenly alone at the bar where he continues drinking, finding Stutter in camouflage against the back of the room, wearing some creepy headgear.

Con Man - Bobbi
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The next morning, Wray awakens to find himself still at the bar and being woken by a man who looks just like Casper Van Dien from ‘Starship Troopers,’ who gives him some advice about doing ‘Spectrum’ the movie because in all likeliness Finley Farrow is going to pick Girth Hemsworth. Turns out that Wray was dreaming, a number of times, as the bartenders keep ending up having horrifying alien faces that frighten Wray, but eventually he gets up and finds Girth, who is pissed that Wray’s manager attacked him. They prepare to fight, but Wray isn’t very good at it, and instead he runs into the Shaka Con deathtrap obstacle course which was about to be shut down, and Girth follows him in despite the danger, but much to the entertainment of those watching. Wray, of course, falls into one of the traps, and Girth reluctantly saves him, and as they leave the course, Finley greets them outside and informs Wray that she chose him, mainly because she does not like drama on set, and she knows she is going to sleep with Girth and that will definitely cause drama. Just then Wray realizes he is supposed to be at Hall H with the rest of the ‘Spectrum’ cast announcing the new movie, and as he runs off, Finley tells him to get in shape as they start shooting on September 15th.

Con Man - Jack Moore
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Wray arrives at Hall H just in time as Jack announces the ‘Spectrum’ movie to a cheering crowd, and says production will begin on September 15th, which pushes Wray into full panic mode. He realizes he cannot actually do both projects and knows he is going to have to disappoint everyone in that room. When a fan asks if he is looking forward to playing his character on ‘Spectrum’ again, he fully melts down, saying he is not looking forward to it because he cannot do both projects, he wants to move forward in his career, and then proceeds to insult everyone on the dais with him, including Jack, who got him the audition for ‘Doctor-Cop-Lawyer’ and is supposedly his best friend. Wray mocks them all for being crazy, knocks Jack for trying to live in the past, and saying he is doing ‘Doctor-Cop-Lawyer’ for himself because he needs this. Then Tiffany asks why they don’t just move production on ‘Spectrum,’ the OBVIOUS solution and Wray realizes his mistake and says that clearly can work, but the damage is done. He takes his seat amongst his insulted and angry castmates as hundreds of fans raise their hands to ask questions about the scene they just witnessed, while Jack pretends everything is fine, but secretly texts Diego, the director of ‘Doctor-Cop-Lawyer,’ and tells him that he has reconsidered, and will take the lead role after all.


WRAY: (when asked where his recovering alcoholic costar is) She’s probably at her 11:15 AAA meeting.

WRAY: (spraying out the contents of his drink) OH MY GOD! That’s water!?

GIRTH HEMSWORTH: So you do want a punch-em up?
WRAY: No! I want a kicker-y doo!

TIFFANY: Why don’t we just move the ‘Spectrum’ date?
WRAY: ….. I could do that.

While not the funniest episodes of the season (which clearly goes to the Lou Ferrigno ‘Of Mice and Men‘ musical episodes), there were some great moments in the final two, including that beat where Wray realizes he should have just asked about rescheduling the ‘Spectrum’ movie instead of having a tantrum about his career in front of the hall full of fans. And the inclusion of “Girth” Hemsworth was also very entertaining, especially when he kept going on about wanting to do a “punch-em up” with Wray. Sad to see the season end, but I’m hopeful for a Season 3, and to see Alan Tudyk and company come back and keep delivering more of this amazing show in the future!



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