Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4-6

Alright, onto the next trio of episodes for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2, titled “AKA God Help the Hobo,” “AKA The Octopus,” and “AKA Facetime.” (If you missed our review of the first 3 episodes, you can catch up here.) Thankfully, the story really starts picking up pace now that we have our big bad of the season in the mix and the big revelation at the end of the 6th episode is a real shocker that sets up the conflict for Jessica nicely for the rest of the season.

So as Hogarth continues to look for ways to deal with her ALS (either by finding drugs to end her life quickly and easily or finding a new experimental cure), she is fired by Cheng for no longer helping him with her lawsuit against Jessica. Cheng’s next move against Jessica is to try to recruit Malcolm away from Alias Investigations, which the loyal Malcolm does turn down, which causes Jessica to appreciate him a little bit more and give him a promotion.

Meanwhile, Trish lets Jessica in on the Tatum video and they move on that information visiting Tatum once more and demanding the information at the hospital once Jessica realizes the mysterious powered woman wore a wig and might have been going through chemotherapy. Tatum rebuffs them, but then Jessica threatens him and punches a hole in the roof of his car, he finally relents, which is how they learn of another IGH benefactor named Inez Green, who they track down living on the streets. While hunting for her, they suspect she is the powered woman, and Trish, feeling threatened, takes a hit of Simpson’s inhaler, giving her heightened senses, reflexes, and speed, and her first taste of drugs in years – clearly not a good thing.

They capture Inez and learn she is not the powered woman but is another person needing protection from IGH as she was a nurse at the hospital injured by the powered woman. They return to Jessica’s place just as one of Cheng’s associates finishes robbing Jessica of all her files on IGH. Sadly for the man, he was spotted by the mystery woman who traps him in his van and brutally murders him. When Jessica arrives home the police are already there and they arrest her thinking she was also responsible. As she is arrested, Jessica tells Malcolm to take Inez to Hogarth who can put her in a safe-house. Trish is also arrested for being a bit too aggressive toward the officers, thanks to the drug she is on.

After spending a day in prison, Hogarth convinces Jessica to come clean and tell the police everything she knows. Her story is confirmed by an officer named Detective Costa, who likes Jessica because he remembers Kilgrave’s attack on the precinct and appreciates that Jessica ended that threat. She runs into Cheng upon leaving the station and they argue, with Jessica telling him another powered woman killed his friend and that he is a terrible PI for always blaming her. (Continued on next page)