This winter, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is going to be, without a doubt, one of the biggest movie releases of the year; If not of all time! This week at New York Comic Con 2015, the team at Hasbro behind making all of the coolest new ‘Star Wars’ toys was on hand to show off some of the awesome new products we can look forward to! During their big ‘Star Wars’, the Hasbro Star Wars team (comprised of Joe Ninivaggi, Steve Evans, and Steve Bono, who lead the charge in making these collectibles), revealed a first look at new figures from almost every size and scale! Here’s the rundown straight from New York Comic Con!

The Force sure is strong with the 6″ scale ‘Star Wars Black Series, as the Hasbro team announced it as the #1 selling ‘Star Wars’ item globally! “That’s right, it’s even outsells that fancy ‘Darth Vader’ Toaster!” according  to Steve Evans. The Black Series is getting a whole slew of new characters from ‘The Force Awakens’ in the next few months like The Resistance Trooper, First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, General Hux, Han Solo, Snowtrooper, X-Wing Pilot Asty, and and as a special treat for fans of the classic trilogy, we are finally getting a classic ‘A New Hope’ Princess Leia with with her iconic bun-headed hairstyle!

Aside from the new movie figures, Hasbro also gave a sneak peek at the winners of the fan poll they ran earlier this year; Darth Revan from ‘Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic’, and Sabine from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’! These new 6″ scale figures should be  hitting early next year.

Fans Fans of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ will be excited to hear we are getting a 3.75″ inch scale figure of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s villainous new Season 2 character, The Seventh Sister Inquisitor! While no other Season 2 figures were previewed, Hasbro has assured us that they are coming soon!

In Spring of 2016 fans can look forward to the all new ‘Star Wars Titanium Series’, which is a new line of small scale die cast helmet replicas! These small helmet replicas will be great for display and represent a ton of great characters from all throughout ‘Star Wars’ history.

For the young ones, we can look forward to some new ‘Star Wars’ 12″ scale figures of fan favorites like the First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, Rey, and the already iconic little Droid BB-8! BB-8 even has little Droid arms popping out of him, almost like a tiny balled up Swiss army knife.

For collectors and fans both young and old, it is a phenomenal time to be a ‘Star Wars’ fan! Most of these new ‘Star Wars’ products revealed at New York Comic Con 2015 by Hasbro should be releasing sometime between now and the Spring of 2016!