We’ve known for quite some time now that FX’s ‘American Horror Story‘ is bringing its storylines together and now showrunner Ryan Murphy is sharing what we can expect in the upcoming crossover season. While the anthology season originally appeared to be fully stand alone, fans have noticed a growing increase in the reoccurring actors portraying the same characters. Most of these have been only short reappearances but an upcoming season, likely the ninth, the anthology series will have stars from both “Murder House” and “Coven” in a combined story arc.”

Sadly, we’ve got at least two seasons before this crossover occurs but Murphy already partially has it planned out and in a rare moment was open on sharing details:

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock, Inc.
Helga Esteb / Shutterstock, Inc.

“It’s a character from Season 1 that will be thrust into the world that you are left with at the end of Coven, which is sort of like the male/female/witch academy. And then all of those characters will intertwine, which is confusing because some of them are from Seasons 1 and 3. Like, Sarah Paulson will probably be playing 18 characters.”

I’m quite interested in seeing the story of “Coven” being continued with how things were left off. There was clearly plenty of stories left to tell and now we could see more of it play out. The question though is which surviving character from “Murder House” might have a place in the academy or business with them. Also, “Murder House” had a much darker theme than the light-hearted nature of “Coven” which would make you wonder what tone the season will go with. Of course, with it still being at least two years away, Murphy has plenty of time to get that sorted out.

Which characters would you like to see a return from Murder House and Coven in this eventual season? Do you think rehashing past events is a good way to go when moving forward? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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