Sleepy Hollow‘ has been through a few cast shakeups since its inception, but one of the more surprising ones was when Orlando Jones (‘Evolution’,’Bedazzled”) stopped showing up. Now we’ve found out what happened.

Jones’ Captain Frank Irving wasn’t a fan favorite on the series, but he would live tweet along with the episodes. What is interesting, though, is from all early reports, it seemed the showrunners implied that Jones had left the show on his own. This doesn’t seem to be the case:

“Chances are I won’t come back because they kinda asked me to leave, so….I don’t know why they’re acting like I ran off and left. They can always ask me to come back but generally when they ask you to leave it’s because they don’t want you to come back.”

So while we don’t know the specific reason his character is gone, we do know it wasn’t necessarily his choice to leave. He doesn’t seem too hurt by it at this point, though. While part of that is probably how much the show has fallen in ratings since he departed, he does claim that the direction just didn’t match his character:

“What led to me leaving was that they changed the show. It’s a different show. There is no Headless Horseman. When we started on Sleepy Hollow, there was a Headless Horseman and he had a shotgun. You know how awesome that was? He was shooting at people, chopping heads off and Moloch was this big, slow-moving scary white monster dude. I mean it was incredible. So I dunno who Frank Irving would be fighting against. Anyway, it’s a very different show. And I think the creators are awesome guys and you know, I just think they didn’t really see a place for Frank Irving in that world. And I get that, you know?”

I’m pretty sure that none of us expected that Irving would be working with Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills again there was probably some lingering hope that it could happen. This interview though looks to have put a nail in that coffin.

Were you hoping that we could once again see Jones revisit his character on ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or are you content with how things are? Do you think the showrunners made the right decision by getting rid of his character? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend