Elektra_1_CoverMarvel’s most interesting femme fatale assassin returns as ‘Elektra‘ is set to grace the pages of her own comic near the end of this February. We’ve known about this for a couple of months but have just found out some great new issues about the first issue and direction of the series. Currently seen helping out S.H.I.E.L.D. with a few recent problems, it is clear she’s going to be heading off on her own once again soon and her plan appears to be escaping to the bright lights and loud noises of Las Vegas. It is only fitting that someone with such a past as hers would be trying to hide in Sin City. Even as a master of staying hidden having been trained by The Hand, someone of her caliber will have problems staying under the radar for long.

The book is written by Matt Owens (‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’) and illustrated by Juann Cabal. The first story arc will be titled “Running With the Devil” though there is no indication that this outright means her old flame Matt Murdock will be involved outside of a crossover story arc which will run across the first issue, ‘Daredevil’ #17, ‘Kingpin’ #1, and ‘Bullseye’ #1.

Elektra_1_Checchetto_Connecting_VariantWhen she has noticed though it is first the local crime element of the strip that finds out she is in town but that is clearly the least of her concerns as a standard gang would prove to not be difficult at all for this master assassin to handle. No, it is Arcade who decides to spend some time on her and has a plan to put her up as the latest contestant of the new Murderworld! Little is known past this which almost makes me suspect that the “Running with the Devil” story arc will set up the direction of all four of these series and that Elektra will be heading to Murderworld alone and not all four of these characters would end up there.

I can’t imagine a scenario where all four work together for a common goal, even if their lives were on the line.

With ‘Elektra’ returning to life on Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ as she did on the pages of ‘Daredevil’ oh so long ago it should come as no surprise that the company would want to bring her to the forefront once again.

Are you looking forward to a standalone story of Elektra? Do you feel that Murderworld might be the perfect cover for her to fake her death and lay low if she can escape it with her life? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Elektra’ #1 will arrive on comic shelves on February 22nd, 2017.


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