deadshot and batman DCEU

In the latest bit of nonsense from Warner Brothers and its collaborators on the DCEU, it seems that Will Smith has been talking about his future as the character Deadshot, and it seems the actor might just be starting to feel a bit overshadowed by the relatively small role he has in the sprawling DC cinematic world. When asked at the MTV Movie Awards about the future of his character, Smith admitted to not really knowing anything at this point, but did make the following statement about where he would like to see the character go.

“There was one of the comics when Bruce Wayne got injured and I think Deadshot for a couple of them came in and he had to throw on the Batsuit. So I’m just saying: if they’re going to draw on that, I wouldn’t reject it….I’m a team player.”

While it does happen in the comics, it is a little presumptuous of Smith to think that they would ever go for something like that in the DCEU, especially since they are having so much trouble getting their movies to be accepted by audiences in the first place (oh ‘Batman V Superman,’ how I wish you could have been a decent movie…), and I highly doubt they would take the risk of having a movie where a low-level villain (and for general audiences, a relatively unknown villain) steps into the role of Batman when he gets injured. To me, this sounds like Smith looking for an opportunity to do something bigger in the DCEU since it is doubtful Deadshot will ever get his own stand-alone movie, or even be the sole villain of one of the main heroes’ stand-alone movies. True, there had been rumors of a standalone Batman film where Deadshot would be highly featured, but after the reception ‘Batman V Superman’ received at the box office, Warner Bros might decide that a standalone ‘Batman’ film might need a bigger name as the villain, and if Jared Leto‘s Joker does as well as everyone hopes he will in ‘Suicide Squad,’ it would make sense for them to bring him in to co-headline the ‘Batman’ film.

What are your thoughts on Smith’s suggestion? Check out the full clip that was tweeted below (enjoy the impressive Batman growl by Smith), and then share your opinion in the comments below!

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