American Fable

After quietly making its debut at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in 2016, the dark fantasy film ‘American Fable’ is poised to see a release in cinemas next month, and we’ve now been given our first look at the full trailer for the film.

Set in the 1980s on a Midwestern farm, the film features a juxtaposition in theme with heavy elements of fantasy and horror appearing to be mixed in.  How exactly the story plays out remains to be seen by general audiences, but reviewers who saw the film at SXSW liken the film to the darkly whimsical films of Guillermo del Toro and Stephen Spielberg, among others.

Take a peek at the video below, along with a slightly spoiler-y “official” description of the film below.

AMERICAN FABLE is a fairytale thriller set in the 1980s rural Midwest about a courageous girl living in a dark and magical world. When 11-year-old Gitty discovers that her beloved father is hiding a wealthy man in her family’s silo in order to save their struggling farm, she is forced to choose between saving the man’s life or protecting her family from the consequences of their actions.

‘American Fairy Tale’ will be released in American theaters on February 17, 2017.

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