One of the stranger films to grace the big screen in Japan lately is ‘Attack on Titan‘ which has already had both a TV series and film adapted from the Manga and now it looks like Warner Brothers is negotiating for the U.S. film rights. Not only do they think that it will be hit but want producer David Heyman (‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’) helming the project! The Japanese film was released in two parts and one would suspect that Warner Brothers, who is already tackling ‘Akira‘,’ would be more interested in turning this into a franchise.

With how much content is out there from the IP, it wouldn’t be hard to see the studio being able to do just that.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Attack on Titan’, we are thrown into a world where what remains of humanity lives behind three sets of walls that keep themselves safe from the alien Titans which live outside of it. These Titans are giant humanoid creatures that eat humans. In the work, we follow the events of a giant new Titan having destroyed the outermost wall causing the Titans to invade the furthest outlands of what is still protected and those who are able to escape into the inner portions of the walls now are living in poverty with both famine and overcrowding suddenly running rampant.

We follow three young friends who have joined the army to fight these Titans. Only, the Titans aren’t quite what we’re lead to believe from the offset and as their truth is slowly revealed, it throws everything we know out the window.

Would you be interested in a big budget take on ‘Attack on Titan’? How well do you think the concept would resonate with western audiences? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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