lucifer stewardess interruptus

After a month of waiting, we finally find out whether Chloe and Lucifer take a step towards being something more than friends and colleagues as Lucifer returns (albeit briefly) before enjoying a bit of a winter hiatus. On top of all that major UST (unresolved sexual tension for you fanfic noobs) we may have gotten our first shadowy glimpse of a new player in town—one whose cryptic entrance (and stony silence) hints at his role as the possible—and much needed—antagonist for Lucifer and the gang.

But enough of that! We know we want to see it: Lucifer and Chloe locking lips. It’s so close, as the pair share some burger and fries and then…

Chloe coming face to face with a gaggle of Lucifer's lovers (from the last 2 months) had the detective questioning her possible value to Lucifer.
Chloe coming face to face with a gaggle of Lucifer’s lovers (from the last 2 months) had the detective questioning her possible value to Lucifer.

Well, then Lucifer’s most recent past shows up in the form of Jana, the old school stereotypical sexy stewardess. I’m not sure if anything could douse Lucifer’s effect on Chloe quicker than one of Lucifer’s bang buddies showing up and stripping right in front of her. It’s understandable why Chloe may be a bit shaken, even telling Lucifer the interruption “kept [her] from making a big mistake”.  Her thoughts on the matter are only strengthened when Jana and then Raj—one of Lucifer’s male lovers—are found dead. It spurs the quite hilarious need for Lucifer to contact all his lovers for the past 8 weeks and to the station for questioning. It’s an intimidating sight for Chloe who feels even more convinced that she and Lucifer are not a fit but, let’s face it, a big part of her is feeling self-conscious, wondering why this guy who can have anyone these exciting, exotic lovers would want anything other than a bit of rough and tumble with her.

As it so happens, Chloe’s not the only one needing a bit of validation. Surprisingly, Maze is in her own self-worth crisis after both Chloe and Detective Dan brush off her celebration of Perry Smith (the man who had Chloe’s dad killed) untimely and quite probably, painful death. She vents her frustrations to Dr. Linda who reminds Maze that one’s self-worth should come from within. It provides the demon with a bit of a spark and she even helps out on the sting to nab whoever murdered Jana and Raj.

So, yeah, the procedural aspect is there and revolves around a very important package being smuggled into the country by

It was a surprise to find Maze doubting her self-worth...though that was quickly squashed. Because she is awesome (obviously).
It was a surprise to find Maze doubting her self-worth…though that was quickly squashed. Because she is awesome (obviously).

Burt, a drug runner of some import. But where it’s once thought to be nothing but a drug shipment, we find out that it’s something much more insidious. In fact, our heroes never find the package because throwaway jerk Andy Klineberg had his hands on the goods all along. Our glimpse of the possible Macguffin is that of several vials of what look to be blood. Considering Klineberg’s state after getting it leaked on him, it’s not your run-of-the-mill plasma. Him ending up dead by the shadowy villain’s hand hints that something wicked this way comes.

Returning to the heart and soul of the series, though—Lucifer and Chloe—our deliciously devilish anti-hero has discovered one overriding fact: he’s not worth Chloe. “You deserve someone worthy of you,” he admits to her during a clichéd, but no less touching, confession on the beach, “and that isn’t me.” Whether it’s Lucifer’s sincerity, Charlotte’s words of encouragement, or Chloe realizing that different doesn’t mean impossible, the pair cross the line they’ve artfully toed the past year and a half and it’s Chloe that does it, planting a kiss that even Lucifer doesn’t see coming.

Devil in the Details

  • For a man who’s used to hitting grand slams every day of the week, the sheer simplicity of Lucifer getting to first base with Chloe is an absolute game-changer. We all know Chloe’s had these burgeoning feelings for Lucifer for some time and though he’s also had a fascination for just how different she is compared to other women (and men) in regards to his charm, for the first time it seems as if Lucifer may be willing to forsake his life of debauchery. It’s still early in the game and they are in virgin territory but I can’t help but think there will be a speedy escalation of Chloe and Lucifer rounding the bases and heading for home.
  • On the conversation of home, we still don’t know what Chloe’s role is in returning the first family back to Heaven but both Charlotte and Amenadiel are working the angle strong, pushing Lucifer and Chloe together. That’s all well and good but like anything of worth, there are consequences and I have a strong feeling that Chloe, more than anyone, will be paying for it.
  • It’s taken all this time for us to finally come face to face with someone obsessed with Lucifer though my first guess would have been someone that had ridden the train with him to poundtown. Instead, it’s Sookie Price, certified Lucifer stalker and a key to the gang tracking down Jana and Raj’s killer. Though she could easily be a one-off character, I could see her showing up again.

 Lucifer: “Stewardess Interruptus” –3.5/5