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Understandably, with the delayed production schedule of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, there has not been much news about the show since Season 6 ended, but luckily for us, we finally received a little bit of information, though to be fair it is not very much to go on. It seems after the bloodbath that was Season 6, the show is currently casting some additions to the cast, though it is not clear how long most of these additions will actually be on the show, as they might just be for an episode or 2.

Here’s the full list that was released:




Gate Guard

City Guard


Lovely Lady

Young Lord


Unlike in seasons past when book readers could look at vague character descriptions and speculate on who the show might be casting based on the characters that appeared in the book the season is based on, these descriptions cannot be interpreted in the same way, as the show has now moved far beyond where the books left off (since George RR Martin STILL has not managed to finish the final books of the series). Some things that can be speculated about though, is the importance of each of these characters, and how long they might be on the show (though sources say most of these are only for 1 week gigs). For example, after the brutal destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor by Cersei in the season 6 finale, it is unlikely a character with a description of “Priest” will live long on the show, unless he pops up somewhere far outside of King’s Landing. And as the most warrior race on the show is the Dothraki, there is a good chance the “Warrior” being cast is a Dothraki in the army of Daenerys.

Do you have any theories about who some of these characters might be, or if they are just random characters who will be little seen in the upcoming season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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