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We’ve known since the end credits of ‘Deadpool’ that Wade’s best friend would be coming in the sequel. With the film bringing in over $780 million at the box office alone, it was clear that the Merc with the Mouth would have to come through with his promise on introducing his partner in crime but fans have to wonder how they would handle this. Cable’s history is more than complex as it involved time travel, cloning, and being the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Thankfully, an interview with screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have helped clear that up a little.

Wernick and Reese were asked how it has been with working on the character for the sequel:

PAUL WERNICK: It’s intimidating because we have to find his voice, and we don’t have an actor yet so we don’t know who we’re writing for. Most screenwriting happens without cast in place, but sequels, it’s a little bit different and it’s likely that part will get cast, and we’ll get to continue writing it and honing it for that actor, which I think is a good thing. There’s been so many diverse people that have been brought up as possibilities for Cable, and who have not been brought up but we’re considering. And that, much like with Ryan [Reynolds], that decision will greatly impact his cadences, his rhythms. And we’ll certainly make him like he is in the comics, and we’ll certainly be faithful, but I do think that voice will inform us quite a bit.

RHETT REESE: I think authenticity is so important. I think it’s part of what made Deadpool such a success, I think we’re going to continue that authenticity.

WERNICK: So with Cable, he’s got such a convoluted past, and such a convoluted origin story that I think we’re going to try to leave that, not mysterious, but there are a lot of twists and turns, cloning and all this stuff where you go, “Oh my God. How do we get that across in a two hour movie?” I think we’re going to distill him down to his essence. It will be authentic and faithful, but it’s not going to include the 18,000 details if you were going to read a Wikipedia page about Cable you’d roll your eyes.

Honestly, hitting the highlights could really work for them by both staying true to the character and finding ways to streamline his past to work for the big screen.

Are you looking forward to Cable being introduced in ‘Deadpool 2’? Do you think it will be difficult for them to pull the character off or will he fit right into Wade’s world? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Collider

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