cloak-and-dagger-featuredWhile we still have no knowledge if Marvel’s ‘Cloak and Dagger‘ on Freeform will have any ties to the other shows or films, we did learn some great news about the budget that they’ll have.

When we first heard that it would debut on Freeform there was probably a bit of concern as to the production quality compared to Netflix and the like, but we’ve just learned that the budget on this cable network will actually match that of a Netflix series! That is great news to find out prior to filming beginning in New Orleans under the codename “Shadows.”

In fact, it was looking into the production of ‘Shadows’ that we found Disney making a deal back in December for ‘Shadows’ Season 1 which would film over an 86 day period and have a budget of $42 million. As each of the Netflix series has had a budget of roughly $40 million dollars each, that means we should be getting some top level production quality on this young adult series when it finally launches.

When the series was originally pitched in 2011 it was being thought of as being in a “post-Katrina New Orleans” setting instead of New York so it seems like that part of the initial pitch was able to stick through 6 years of pre-development and delays. The setting alone should be a major change from what we’re used to with the characters but will also help explain why we don’t see these two young heroes running into any of The Avengers or Defenders while they are out and about but could still casually name drop them to tie it into the greater universe if they wanted to and had the rights to do so.

Even though the show is set for Freeform, do you think the budget and setting change could make it work? Will Marvel name drop other characters and not include them as they are partially across the country or will this be a complete stand alone piece when it debuts? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book Movie

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