Even though a teaser was previously released for the live-action ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’, they haven’t really given us a good shot of any of the characters in the film. While the Elric Brothers are shrouded in mist here, we’re getting a great shot of both Edward and Alphonse nonetheless. At the very least, it is more than we’ve been able to see before! Coming in 2017 we’ll be getting this take on Hiromu Arakawa’s manga which was made famous stateside primarily by the anime series.

This show gives us actor Ryosuke Yamada as Ed and his brother Alphonse who fans of the series know was turned into a giant suit of armor when the pair tried to bring their dead mother back to the land of the living using a form of alchemy which has been forbidden. The story itself follows the two as they search for the fabled philosopher’s stone which would give them the power to restore their bodies to how they were prior to trying to resurrect their mother.

The teaser makes it look like the suit will be done using practical effects which will hopefully offset the required CGI to show off the alchemy being used in the show.

For those who previously missed the teaser which really doesn’t show much you can check it out below!

Are you looking forward to checking out a live-action version of ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’? What are your thoughts on the teaser and first released image? Share your thoughts below!

‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ will be released in December of 2017 though no word of an English release have been revealed at this time.

Source: Warner Brothers Japan

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