It’s been decades since ‘The Dark Crystal’ both thrilled and terrified kids of the 80s, but the classic film is finally getting the sequel treatment, thanks to BOOM! Studios and the Henson Company.  ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’ is based on a screenplay intended for the film sequel that never materialized.  The unproduced screenplay was written by David Odell, Annette Odell and Craig Pearce.  Writer Si Spurrier will adapt the script into a 12-issue miniseries, with art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews.

David Odell penned the screenplay for the original movie, based on a story by Jim Henson.  Henson co-directed the film with Frank Oz.  Though it is now considered a classic, it was not successful at the box office upon its initial release (although it did manage to turn a profit).  It was also not well-reviewed by critics.  But once the movie hit cable and home video, its popularity greatly increased.

Genndy Tartakofsky was attached to direct ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal’ around 2006, but internal problems at the Henson Company continued to delay the project, which was still considered in development until about 2013.  Presumably, that is no longer the case.

The series is set decades after events of 1982’s The Dark Crystal, with Jen and Kira distracted by the pressures of ruling Thra and no longer in touch with the needs of the people — which provokes a Fireling called Thurma to set out to steal a shard of the Dark Crystal with which she intends to restore power to her realm. Unfortunately, that mission might also restore the Skeksis, as well…

President and CEO of the Jim Henson Company, Lisa Henson said:

“The creativity that went into writing and designing the feature film was such that we wanted our fans to be able to see and enjoy it now through this comic book series. We are very proud of the story that the screenwriters David Odell, Annette Odell, and Craig Pearce wrote. Our partners at Archaia and BOOM! Studios are the only people we could trust to expand and illustrate the story, and we are thrilled that it will soon see the light of day!”

The release of the first issue, due on February 15, 2017 both in print and digitally, is meant to coincide with the first movie’s 35th anniversary.  The cover to the first issue is by Jae Lee with colors by June Chung, which you can view below:


Are you excited to finally see the next chapter of ‘The Dark Crystal’ saga?  Are you still holding out hope for a film sequel?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter