Coming soon to Netflix will be new versions of Marvel hit shows ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ and ‘Luke Cage,’ yep, they are going to release their whole Marvel series catalogue in new HDR (which means “High Dynamic Range”) format to provide what they hope will be a new and better experience for their viewers.

For those not in the know, HDR “allows for greater dynamic range of luminosity in each image” when watching video, meaning better colors that are more pleasing to the eye, and gives the viewer better contrast, brightness and overall color. Eventually, they will be giving this treatment to most of the hit series they have in their catalog, but they have decided to start with the Marvel shows due to their popularity (and due most likely to the frequency of new shows coming out for Marvel that they have).

According to President of Deluxe TV Post Domenic Rom:

“We’ve been in partnership with Netflix and Dolby and Marvel in really being the cutting edge of doing HDR. Everybody sort of takes a step back. When you guys see what it can do, it’s absolutely amazing for the filmmakers, for the TV creators, for everyone. It opens up, visually, a new world.”

When asked what exactly will change with an HDR re-release, Vice President of Editorial Services and Deluxe TV Post Jay Tilin answered:

 “…basically, everything, after a camera goes through a color correction process. What that means is shot to shot, scene to scene, everything is adjusted such that it helps to tell the story and is pleasing to the eye… [It will offer] much brighter images and a wide range of colors on a television screen.”

Personally, I think this is going to be amazing, especially for shows like ‘Daredevil’ which were shot dark originally (because they were shot 4k and most of us can only see them in 1080p) because, at least according to the video, HDR will allow us to see more details, brighter colors, and will result in an overall better viewing experience hopefully without having to purchase a 4k monitor. Of course, there is a chance that you will have to have a monitor with an HDR setting, which kind of ruins my whole reason for liking this, but in the end anything that gives us more detail and better colors can only end up being a better thing, even if it takes time for the technology the consumer is using to catch up. Check out the full video from Netflix explaining the new technology below, and then share your thoughts on the streaming giant going full HDR in the comments section below!