The Punisher is coming to ‘Daredevil‘ Season 2, and according to a teaser trailer shown at the Comic Con Experience panel in Brazil last week, his presence is going to be amazing.

Bear in mind this is all second-hand information, but according to a fan on Tumbler, the teaser is described as Daredevil walking into a meat locker, still wearing the costume from the end of Season 1, with the camera eventually pulling back and revealing there are human beings hanging from the ceiling as well as meat. Daredevil strains to hear the sounds of anything else in the room, to no avail, and he begins to investigate the bodies, eventually coming across someone still alive. Daredevil frees the man from his hook and asks why they did this to him, and the crook responds with something like “They? It was just a guy.”

Cut to a rooftop at nighttime, where a lone sniper is pointing his gun at a man coming out of a taxi. It is revealed that the man is none other than Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, but just as he is pulling the trigger Daredevil kicks the gun out of his hands, starting a brawl atop the building. Just as the action gets good, it cuts away to the ‘Daredevil’ logo and the the tag “2016 – NETFLIX.”

What I would give to see this trailer… It definitely sounds like they are setting the bar pretty high for ‘Daredevil’ season 2, and while I will definitely have some continuity questions when it starts (i.e. where was Matt Murdock during ‘Jessica Jones’? Hell’s Kitchen is not that big), I am extremely excited to see Matt Murdock’s story continue. And the introduction of the Punisher as the potential “bad guy,” or at the very least a recurring nemesis for Daredevil (until of course they join forces against the real big bad) definitely is going to crank up the action and the drama in the series, all of which potentially means Season 2 will be even better than Season 1.

What are your thoughts on adding Frank Castle to the show? Is there a chance that with Punisher, Blake Tower and Elektra coming into the cast the whole thing might feel a bit bloated? Share your opinions below!

Source: Cinema Blend