In many parts of the US, the winter holidays mean gathering with friends and family for food and merriment around a warm roaring fire. In fact, the image of this open fire has become such a tradition that many television stations now broadcast footage of a yule log for hours on end on Christmas day so that those without a fireplace can enjoy this iconic setting. But for us geeks, Marvel has decided to one up the ol’ standard yule log tidings and have released 10 (yes, count them 10!) yule log videos that are spotlighted in a few fan favorite superhero homes!

Whether you want to enjoy the evening in the Stark penthouse or just feel like chillin’ in Ms. Marvel’s humble abode, Marvel has created these Fireside Heroes for the holiday season. Here’s their official description:

Inspired by some of Marvel’s greatest heroes, Marvel’s Fireside Heroes invites fans into the warming scenes of Captain America’s traditional Brooklyn apartment, Ms. Marvel’s humble New Jersey home, Thor’s grand Asgardian chambers, Iron Man’s posh Manhattan penthouse, and the Guardians’ interstellar spaceship.

Play in succession or play your favorite in a loop. Each hourlong video transports you directly in the Marvel Universe next to the roaring fire of your favorite Marvel hero as they celebrate the holidays. Plus, fans should keep their eyes peeled and seek out a number of special Easter Eggs that only true Marvel fans will be able to spot. And if you can, enjoy these videos in glorious 4K!

There are basically 5 scenes to choose from and each has a wide and close-up view for a total of 10 videos. That means 10 hours of superhero yule log burning!  There’s even the sound of the fire crackling to really get you in the spirit! The best part is that the scenes have a few Easter eggs hidden so if you feel like exploring, you may just get a little surprise in what you find (hint: there’s picture of Peggy Carter in Steve’s apartment).

So get ready to cuddle up as you watch the yule log burn in your favorite superhero home. And if you see any other Easter eggs, let us know what you spot in the comments below!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!