If you’re a Whovian, then you know it’s just not quite Christmas without a ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode and the folks at Doctor Puppet have given us a great present with their new music video featuring the Doctor (all 12 faces) and his upcoming companion Billie in ‘The 12 Doctors of Christmas.”

In a riff from the classic (yet rather lengthy) Christmas tune ‘The 12 Days of Christmas,’ ‘The 12 Doctors of Christmas’ features each Doctor alongside the item they are most associated with. So, with the 12th Doctor it would be his 12 guitars strumming (thank goodness it wasn’t 12 sonic sunglasses!), 11 and his 11 fezzes dancing, 10 and his 10 pairs of sneakers running, and so on.

The tune written by Scott Ampleford and Alisa Stern with lead vocals by Rebecca Ampleford is catchy and the stop motion animation is rather cute.

I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve seen a Doctor Puppet video and frankly, I’m hooked. It seems they also have a Christmas tradition of releasing Doctor Puppet videos each year and with titles like ‘How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas,’ ‘A Timelord Christmas’ and ‘The Planet That Came For Christmas,” I plan on checking them out after I finished putting out the Jammy Dodgers and Jelly Babies for Santa.

So get into the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas mood before tomorrow’s episode with the video below!

Source: The Nerdist