UPDATE 12/25/16, 12:20PM PT: Debbie Reynolds, mom of Carrie Fisher, tweeted this update stating her daughter is now in stable condition and thanks fans for their prayers and good wishes:

UPDATE 12/23/16, 7:30PM PT:  Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd, has spoken to Variety and stated that his sister is NOT in stable condition contrary to what was reported by the AP earlier this evening. In a phone interview to the outlet he stated:

“She’s in the ICU and everybody’s praying for her. There’s nothing new from the doctors. There’s nothing new at all. … There’s no good news or bad news.”

Fisher is currently in the ICU at UCLA Medical Center.

UPDATE 12/23/16, 4:05PM PT: Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, tells AP  that his sister is “out of emergency” and in stable condition.

UPDATE 12/23/16, 3:03PM PT:  TMZ states that when the plane landed, paramedics worked on the actress for 15 minutes before a pulse was felt. Fisher was taken to UCLA Medical Center where she is now on a ventilator. Officials are stating Fisher is in “critical condition”.

UPDATE 12/23/16, 2;15PM PT: NBCLA news is reporting that Fisher was in full cardiac arrest on the plane and that a law enforcement official informed them her condition was “not good.”

Original story follows:

TMZ is reporting that Carrie Fisher suffered a massive heart attack on a flight Friday from London to LAX. Reports state that the emergency occurred 15 minutes before the plane was to land in Los Angeles, CA.  A call over the plane intercom asked if there were any medical personnel on board to help an and fortunately a doctor and nurse were on hand to help. According to Anna Akana who was on the same flight, Fisher stopped breathing for 10 minutes while a CPR was being administered. 

According to officer Alicia Hernandez of the LAX airport police, an emergency medical call was made for an unconscious passenger on that flight at about 12 pm PT but they could not at the time identify the passenger.

Once the plane landed, Fisher was rushed to a nearby hospital.