Did you catch the Easter Eggs in ‘Rogue One’ in reference to the current animated series ‘Star Wars: Rebels’?  They were in there and this marks the first time a concentrated effort was made to connect the live action films to the animated shows.

But as ‘Rebels’ executive producer Dave Filoni said:

“None of the things we put in really jump out at you.  If you don’t watch Rebels, there’s never a moment where you’re staring at the [movie] screen going, ‘Why was that important?’ For the people who do know, they get that added level of immersion.  I was actually on set when they filmed that scene with [‘Rebels’ robot Chopper] in the hangar.  Everybody working on set knew Chopper, and referred to him the way you would about a dog. They all liked him, they think he’s funny, but they know he’s grumpy.”

In case you missed it, Chopper pops up in a scene with Mon Mothma in the hangar.