It is a good sign when on the first weekend a film is out fans are already scrutinizing footage and looking for information about how it was put together, and trying to figure out if there are any extra pieces to the puzzle out there that they can view. Fortunately for us all, one man in particular was so enamored by ‘Rogue One‘ (and I do not blame him as I too loved the movie) that he took the time to comb through the teaser, the trailers, and all of the promos he could find for ‘Rogue One’ and discover 46 shots used in the marketing campaign that did not actually make the final cut of the film.

The man’s name is Vashi Nedomansky, and on his website he points out that these missing shots did not detract from the movie experience at all, and worked very well in getting him and fans in general excited to go see ‘Rogue One,’ but he just found it interesting to see how much footage they actually had for the movie and how much they ended up not using. Personally, I love the idea of a marketing campaign using a lot of footage that is not actually in the movie, as it helps keep things fresh when you actually sit down in the theater and helps solve the age old problem of movie trailers giving away too much of the movie. If they are using footage that never actually makes it in, the trailer becomes more about the tone of the film and the potential for what the film could be rather than a glimpse of the plot and spoilers for what is to come.

Check out the video of the all the cut shots for yourself and then share your opinion on using footage not featured in the movie in a marketing campaign in the comments section below!

ROGUE ONE – 46 SHOTS NOT IN THE FINAL FILM from Vashi Nedomansky on Vimeo.

Source: Vashi Visuals