ee-warehouse-2Remember that feeling you would get as a child when your parent brought you to your favorite toy store? That sensation as you walked through the doors and your eyes widen with pure joy knowing the world of toys were in your very reach? As you grow up, very few things bring back that same feeling, but Entertainment Earth is here to take you back to your childhood as they are hosting a $1000 shopping spree event!

Entertainment Earth invited to their warehouse in Simi Valley, CA to preview what this shopping spree would be like and it was marvelous! Forget about the saying “kid in a candy store,” I was the kid that won the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

The day started with meeting the Entertainment Earth team and a tour of their facility where everywhere you look is an homage to geekdom. Displays and toys are filled on every desk, cabinets and offices and everyone there shares the love of collecting. What struck me the most is that while the company may specialize in the sci-fi genre, they also dabble in non-sci-fi shows and products so this is not just a one genre company. Along the way, I met one of the founders of the company, Jason Labowitz, whose office alone had enough toys to keep our toy reviewer busy for an entire year!


As my interest was heightened with the office tour, it was the actual shopping spree I was most looking forward to! Can you blame me? I was offered a shopping spree of my very own to pick and choose whatever was in their entire warehouse! Of course as a Whovian I had to check out some of their ‘Doctor Who’ products and picked up a nifty TARDIS Bluetooth speaker as well as a TARDIS Christmas ornament – both of which goes VROOP VROOP VROOP when you turn it on! (Don’t judge but the sound the TARDIS makes always sends a thrill of excitement in me when I hear it.) And as someone who loves to play games, I couldn’t pass up getting the ‘Doctor Who’ Monopoly set.


Entertainment Earth also had some great ‘Star Wars’ items and as a foodie I just had to get an R2D2 Measuring Cups set (I mean, who wouldn’t want to cook with a droid?) but I was really eyeing the remote controlled ‘Rogue One’ Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT which shoots off NERF darts! Not only that, it comes with an app so you can control the vehicle from your smartphone! That is a must pick for anyone!


ee-meRows and rows of toys and collectibles! It was very hard to concentrate on what to pick out so I was secretly thankful for the fact that I perused their website before I came. And the staff was also great in pointing out some of the new items that just came in!

Don’t worry, not everything I picked up was for me. I couldn’t forget our loyal readers and picked up a couple exclusive Entertainment Earth items to share with you so make sure you watch for our upcoming giveaway posts where you can enter to win.

And speaking of winning… Entertainment Earth is sponsoring a fan experience where you can have your own pick of the warehouse of up to $1000 worth of products. All the rules and info can be found here and if you are wondering what they have in stock, check out their extensive inventory at their website and start making out your wish list!

Overall, I had a great time and I want to thank Entertainment Earth for inviting me to their facility and making me not only feel like a welcomed member of their family but also bringing out the kid in me!