The CW has had a smashing success with the live-action DC shows and now Marc Guggenheim is talking a little bit on what to expect from the animated side of things. From the conversation we’ve learned a couple of tidbits from both ‘Vixen‘ and the soon to be released ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray‘, giving us a look at where The CW is heading when it comes to animation in the near future.

Currently, Guggenheim is involved with the Netflix series ‘Trollhunters‘ where during an interview about his work on it that a question of these shows came up.

“We just finished the outline for [Freedom Fighters:] The Ray. I’ve got my writing staff assembled, we’re all working on it. I’m actually really excited about it, not just because of the project’s cool, but because basically, we’re going about writing it a different way than we did Vixen. It’s a bit more ambitious. It ties into an announcement that’s going to be made about Vixen pretty soon. So expect a Vixen announcement that I think is very, very cool, and we’re moving forward on The Ray.”

Now, when you factor in that the announcement for ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ is coming in a ‘Vixen’ announcement and that The CW is notorious for crossovers your guess is probably the same as mine – we’re about to see these two animated series meet up!

Also, you have to wonder if like ‘Vixen’ this means that The Ray could end up on the live-action Arrowverse as well where Guggenheim teased:

“It’s a lot of fun. One of the things we’ve done is we’ve written in, as we did with Vixen, parts for the various actors who play characters in the Arrowverse. We have a couple of ideas that, if they come to fruition, you’ll see some of these Arrowverse characters in ways you never saw them before.”

So either, some of the existing actors will do voice work here or we’re about to get a new live-action hero as well.

Are you looking forward to another season of ‘Vixen’ and the premiere of ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’? Do you think that The Ray will end up having a live-action counterpart? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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