After taking a holiday break, I was not sure whether ‘The Big Bang Theory’ would be able to keep up its golden streak, and am very pleased to report that the show is still going strong this season, due mostly to the ongoing dynamic shift of Sheldon moving out of the apartment and in with Amy. This episode had the added bonus of an actually worthwhile and funny story going on over at the Wolowitz house, and the addition of one of my favorite guest-stars, Mr. Christopher Lloyd.

bbt-amy-and-penny-portrait-returnsTonight’s episode opens with Amy and Sheldon discussing redecorating Penny’s apartment now that they have decided to stay, which always felt odd to me as Sheldon’s character seems way more likely to claim the original apartment as it was his to begin with, but whatever. This leads to Amy giving Penny back that hideous painting she had commissioned of her and Penny, which we (the audience) never see anymore as it just so happened to be placed (quite brilliantly) on the 4th wall of the apartment where the camera happens to look in on the lives of the characters. While giving the painting back it opens up a can of worms of Sheldon and Leonard deciding to finally split their belongings now that they are officially moving out, which leads to Sheldon basically coming up with reasons why every joint purchase made by him and Leonard should be kept by him, all of which Leonard gives in to as he does not seem in the right mood to fight with Sheldon. However, the girls quickly pick up on the tension, and a fight ensues, leading to Leonard claiming the apartment flag just to anger Sheldon, which of course leads to an all out war, the worst of which is Leonard wearing the flag over his nude body, followed by Sheldon renting out his room in Leonard and Penny’s apartment to some street vagrant (Christopher Lloyd) for $1 a day, which is the final straw for Leonard. As they fight in the hallway between the apartments, Lloyd’s character wisely points out (all the while Amy repeatedly asking who the hell he is) that the argument seems to be a mask for the love Leonard and Sheldon have for one another, as it is easier to fight than face the fact that they are going to miss living with one-another. The guys realize the man has a point, and make up, and Sheldon offers to rub his own genitals on the apartment flag as a peace treaty, to which Lloyd’s character offers to do the same, saying that is a specialty of his. Gross.

bbt-bernie-is-in-laborAt the Wolowitz house, Stuart moves back in after revealing he has once again fallen on hard times, but wants to be as helpful as possible to the couple as they prepare for the baby and essentially becomes the new butler, to which Howard laments if he only had a Batman suit he could be Bruce Wayne (and Bernie points out he does have a Batman costume, but Howard says those are pajamas and don’t have a cape). Raj is instantly jealous as he has been the one helping the pregnant couple, and a turf war erupts, each man trying to outdo the other in helpfulness, with Stuart having a leg up as he lives with the couple now. Eventually, the pair form an uneasy alliance, deciding to work together as they both love Bernie and Howard, and as they build the baby swing with Howard supervising, Bernie announces she is in labor, and they all rush to get her to the hospital, thus setting up the Winter finale for the show.

In the final moments of the episode, Leonard and Penny hang the hideous Amy and Penny painting on the non-existent “4th wall” of their current apartment, with Leonard commenting that maybe they’ll get used to it, and Penny lamenting eventually it will haunt his dreams as well, while Christopher Lloyd’s character, who is still staying with them, claims it really brings the room together.


The Property Division CollisionAMY: (while discussing the awful painting of her and Penny she gave to Penny a few seasons ago) It may have appreciated in value. The artist killed himself shortly after painting it.

BERNIE: (going through Stuart’s coupon gift) How come this one is on the back of an eviction notice?
STUART: Oh yeah, can I live here?

SHELDON: (angry that Leonard wants to keep the apartment flag) Come along Amy, I know when I’m not wanted.
AMY: I don’t think you do… but alright.

LEONARD: (to Penny, after Sheldon changes the Wi-Fi password) You’re good at revenge, how do we get him back?
PENNY: Well my go-to move is usually sleep with the person’s boyfriend, but I kind of feel like I’m already doing that.

RAJ: Why are you being like this?
STUART: Because I love Howard and Bernadette and if I want to keep mooching off them I need to be helpful!
RAJ: Hey! This pregnancy had an emotionally needy third-wheel long way before you came along!

PENNY: Hey I think I’m gonna go for a run, wanna come?
LEONARD: No, last time that old lady kept screaming “Look out he’s right behind you!”

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode, the show has really found a good groove this season, and the continuing shenanigans of Sheldon’s move to the new apartment continue to be very entertaining, and I love Amy more and more every episode, from her flattered look when Sheldon tells her “at least you’re cute” when she comes running out with ointment when he announces that he “burned” Leonard, to her continued questions about who the hell Christopher Lloyd’s character was while the group argues in the hallway, Amy is bringing another level of comedy to already great episodes and making them even better, and I hope they keep writing her and all the show as well as they have been the past 3 episodes. Looking forward to see what they do for the Winter finale, and I hope they have something special planned for the baby coming. See you back here next week!


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