It came as a bit of a surprise when Anne Rice recently announced that she had regained the rights to ‘The Vampire Chronicles‘ and would be bringing it to television and now we’ve got an idea of who she’d like to play Louis. While not specifically saying Matt Bomer (‘White Collar’,’Magic Mike’) is on the short list, she’d love someone who has his look if not the actor himself to tackle the role. It looks like she quite enjoyed Pitt’s performance in the role physically and had nothing bad to say about him and this is the same route that they’re going to go for on television.

While the overall story is about Lestat, Louis de Pointe du Lac has a strong presence throughout the novels. Especially in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ which audiences are more familiar with and who brought a wider range of readers to Rice’s novels.

Here is what Rice she said in a recent interview with EW on what Louis really needs to have above all other attributes:

“Beauty. Great beauty. It’s Louis’ beauty that attracted Lestat to him, and I would hope it would be a beautiful actor like Matt Bomer. Somebody with that incredible beauty. Brad Pitt did a beautiful job in the original film, and he set the bar very high when it comes to physical beauty.”

Outside of Lestat, we know that the television series is set to include “Louis, Armand, Marius and the entire tribe” so it should come as no surprise that they are already brainstorming who they would like to have in the roles. I suspect they’ll be looking for someone a bit younger than 39 to play Louis who was 25 when turned into one of the blood sucking undead but his name should at least give a reference point for the kind of look that they’ll have in mind when casting.

Are you excited to see ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ come to the small screen? Which network do you think it will land on? Are there any up and coming actors who have Bomer’s look that you think would be good for Louie? Share your thoughts below!

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