Well, you know that we are desperate for ‘Game of Thrones’ news and for the return of HBO’s favorite show when we see a few seconds of the new season during a promo for HBO in 2017 and people get exceptionally excited. Such is the case now, as last Sunday before the penultimate episode of ‘Westworld’ Season 1, there was a brief promo for what was coming to HBO in 2017, and it included a handful of shots from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, which people instantly jumped on, and started talking about, event though these were literally 3 exceptionally quick shots that revealed next to nothing. They showed Jon Snow talking to someone at a castle, Sansa walking through the Godswood most likely at Winterfell, and Arya riding a horse, each shot barely a second or two. You can check out the snippets below thanks to our friends at Watchers on the Wall, and see the new footage for yourself if you think it is really worth it, which I am not entirely sure it is.
Still, with the wait for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 extending all the way to Summer of 2017 it is understandable why people are so hungry for news and new footage, as the excitement for these final two seasons of the beloved franchise is running high, and people cannot wait to see how it is all going to end. Here’s hoping the fact that the Stark family is being featured heavily this early on is a sign of hope for the beleaguered clan who have struggled and lost so much over the previous 6 seasons, and have finally started to prevail over their enemies during the course of Season 6. Check out the new footage below, and than share your thoughts and hopes for Season 7 and any theories on what you think the future might hold for the Starks.

SOURCE: Collider

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