Finally, after a year and a half of speculation, we now know what makes Chloe Decker so special.

Sort of…

Before we get into the episode’s curtain call of a stunner, let’s start of where we left of last week: Charlotte ready to blow Chloe to ten hells. Before Lucifer’s mummy dearest presses the button for an explosive coup de grace, Amenadiel steps in, warning Charlotte that, if they want Lucifer to return with them to Heaven, it has to be on Luc’s own accord. Being a self-centered individual  (a trait she shares with her son), Charlotte believes it’s her duty to prove to Lucifer just how unworthy Chloe is of his affections. As only she can, Charlotte weasels her way into the trial of Perry Smith, the former warden accused of killing John Decker—Chloe’s dad—all those years ago.

Unsurprisingly, Lucifer captivates the gallery during the Perry Smith trial.
Unsurprisingly, Lucifer captivates the gallery during the Perry Smith trial.

But let’s backtrack a bit and touch on Lucifer’s dawning realization on just how important Chloe is to him. Once again Dr. Linda shines as she is the only character that consistently cuts through Lucifer’s self-absorbed BS and at times make him see the truth. In this case it’s that his brush-off of the planned dinner with Chloe was Lucifer running from his own emotions. More to the point, he’s doing what he prides himself on not doing, and that is lying. As we all know, it’s a lot easier to lie to oneself and ignore than it is towards others. His apology comes right at the moment of the Perry Smith trial begins and the moment Lucifer sees Charlotte on the other side of the aisle, he smells the rot in Denmark. When he confronts her about it, Charlotte reveals her plans to show Chloe’s not worthy of her son. After a few crafty machinations and fortunate circumstances—including the death of star-witness Bors Sokolov—Charlotte maneuvers Chloe into an unwinnable situation: she’ll betray her client so long as Chloe call Lucifer a liar on the stand. How does that work for her? Here’s a hint…it doesn’t. Chloe’s rather non sequitur of a confession on the stand solidifies her relationship with Lucifer, all the while ensuring Perry Smith goes free for his crimes.

It’s a long way from one end of the hour to the other, and one of the more entertaining subplots is Dan coming to terms that Charlotte used him for

Ella and Dan work on finding info on Boris Sokolov's death.
Ella and Dan work on finding info on Boris Sokolov’s death.

information—and yet he still wants her. All the more comical is his conversations with Ella on the subject and later on Maze’s less than subtle jabs at the detective’s exploration of other avenues of the law. As one can imagine, Lucifer doesn’t take kindly to the reveal that Dan and his mum got horizontal, and though the two attack one another, there’s still some good material left on the floor, especially if Dan and Charlotte rendezvous once (or thrice) more.

Now, back to that big reveal. Before we get there, we also need to touch on Amenadiel’s role in it all. Not only does he save Chloe from immolation but he also gives her mother Penelope some very sage advice. Still hurting over her husband’s killer getting away, Penelope is sitting outside Chloe and Maze’s apartment when Amenadiel arrives, flowers and apology in hand for lying to Maze. Penelope is lost, questioning her once-held belief that things happen for a reason. “What I do know,” Amenadiel confesses, “is that no matter how bad things get, the true test is how we choose to respond to the pain we suffer. Or inflict.”

Lucifer's apology for ditching Chloe: carry out and a shared moment of intimacy,
Lucifer’s apology for ditching Chloe: carry out and a shared moment of intimacy,

His words are a soothing balm but then Amenadiel realizes that he recognizes Chloe and retreats back to Charlotte with the truth: Chloe is a miracle baby, one God deemed he bless Penelope and John Decker with 35 years ago for reasons yet unknown. The revelation brings forth jubilance from Charlotte as she now sees Chloe for what she is: the key to all of them returning to Heaven.

Lucifer: “Quid Pro Ho” –>4.5/5




Post Script

  • Talk about an entertaining and extremely powerful hour. Now we know (in part) what makes Chloe so special. The whys of how her presence affects Lucifer’s immortality is still a mystery—as is God’s reasoning for tasking Amenadiel to blessing the Deckers—but at least we’ve got confirmation on Chloe’s partial divinity. As I think more about the stunner, I gotta believe there’s a lot more intrigue still under the table as the truth becomes known.
  • Speaking of under the table, how about Dan going against all that he holds dear in regards to the law and selling Perry Smith out to the Russians. Personally, this was a bit more of a shocker than the Chloe reveal, only because my personal theories on the latter were pretty much on the money. Such a willful betrayal of his own ethics—more so than his confessions on the Palmetto Street situation—coupled with his dalliance with Charlotte leave Dan in a very morally ambiguous space. Despite Perry Smith deserving everything that he gets, Dan will be haunted by his choice and one can only wonder how such guilt will manifest.
  • There are so many good character moments throughout every Lucifer episode, but the most steadying of characters has to be Dr. Linda. As the only person in the human world that knows the truth of Lucifer and the others, she’s the lynch-pin of sorts for humanity. Not only is she able to reach past Lucifer’s own delusions that he’s never at fault, but she’s also able to connect with Amenadiel on his own selfish behavior as it relates to Maze. There are a lot of moving parts in this show but I’d argue none are more important than the good doctor.