Though last night’s episode of ‘The Flash’ had some great moments, nothing trumps the preview that followed the episode, which heralded the first cross-over of the season, with the two episodes being called ‘Heroes Join Forces.’ Aside from the regular amazingness that is two great shows like ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ crossing over, the event also looks to be what launches the whole premise for ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ which will be hitting the airwaves once the main CW DC shows go on their winter hiatus. It is hard to believe that we have been waiting for ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ for so long without actually seeing an episode, as the hype has been building since May with lots of promotional shots, clips, and hints being dropped in the 6 months leading up to now.

In the amazing preview shown last night, we really got a sense of this crossover being different from the ones the shows had last year, as they seem to be (at first glance) one larger story spread over both episodes, instead of two smaller stories sharing characters but little else besides a thin continuing story thread (and cursed be the viewer who does not watch both shows when this airs, as I’m sure they will be both be important.)

The trailer gives us our first official look at Hawkgirl and Hawkman together, as well as an amazing shot of Hawkgirl spreading her wings for what may be the first time, showing off an impressive wingspan. We also get our first look at Vandal Savage in action, tossing knives at the heroes who are all gathered together ostensibly to confront his villainy. Aside from those reveals we get lots of impressive action shots from members of both teams, in what is looking to be a huge adventure that truly would take both teams working together to survive.

Are you as excited as I am for the cross-over when it happens the week after Thanksgiving? Check out the full preview below, and then share your opinion in the comments section!