In a flashback, a scientist and black market weapons manufacturer named David Gray comes into possession of mutant DNA which predates the earliest known samples.

In the present, the adjective-free X-Men are settling in as the “Security Force” of the mutant population.  This team is based on board a mobile jet that never needs to refuel and is in cont ant motion.  (But how until it gets blown up?  Because they are X-Men after all.)  New member Pixie is using “psychic transponders” to practice teleporting around the globe in a matter of seconds.  Colossus then briefs them on their newest mission, a rampaging beast in Russia.

It looks something like a giant dog man.  Pixie teleports the team there and Colossus strikes it… and it drops dead.  He manages to take a sample before it disintegrates entirely.  Storm and Pixie deliver the sample to a mutant “supporter” a grad student– one of several– free of influence from government or corporate influence and work altruistically.  Later Storm briefs Cyclops, but lies and says the monster dissolved before she could gather a sample.

Then they learn of another attack, this time by a creature that appears to be 90% tentacles.  Colossus and Domino attack, but this creature is a behemoth.  It’s going to take more than one punch to waylay it!

David Lopez’s art is really lovely.  He does everything right, from beautiful faces to dynamic story telling to powerful action.  The art alone could be worth the price of admission.

The story is simply too brief to fairly judge.  It’s mostly set up of the new direction for this title and the briefest introduction of the threat they are facing.  But it flows well and is interesting enough.  Obviously, I wasn’t bowled over, but it was good.

If you want a good place to jump on, this would be it.  New writer.  New direction.  New ideas.  All in all, a solid start.

Verdict: Borrow

X-MEN #30
Written by Brian Wood
Art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Cover by Jorge Molina