‘The Walking Dead’ has been quite the rollercoaster this season, as fans and viewers are all too aware, and unlike previous seasons, the show seems to be following the villain more than the core cast of characters we have been watching from the beginning. Hence why we have been with Negan these past two weeks as he has been with Dwight, Daryl and The Sanctuary and away from Rick and the gang. Fortunately for us (and rather unfortunately for Rick and the surviving members of his group), Negan is heading back to Alexandria in next week’s episode, and AMC has released a clip of members of Rick’s group preparing for Negan’s arrival.

In the clip below, Eugene is preparing his contribution for Negan, who is coming to supposedly take half of everything the group has, and Eugene feels his talents are different than the rest, so he is preparing a radio for Negan and his people, even as Rosita and Spencer give him a hard time about it. Toward the end of the clip a lot of vehicles are heard approaching the trio, and the group realizes exactly what that means when they hear a motorcycle amongst the cacophony of noises. The last shot of the clip is a shadow of the gate, where we see Negan’s shadow approach, whistling as he walks, bat in hand. He bangs his bat against the bars of the gate to announce his presence, sending a shiver down the spine of the survivors within.

What do you think of ‘The Walking Dead‘ so far this season? Do you like Negan as the villain and the way the show seems to be following his story? Are you turned off by all the radical changes and violence that has occurred so far this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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