A couple of months ago Max Landis (‘Victor Frankenstein‘,’Chronicle’) denied that he was rebooting his father’s ‘An American Werewolf in London‘ and now it seems that he will be resurrecting the film after all. Not only that, but David Albert and Robert Kirkman are on board as producers through Skybound Entertainment for Universal Pictures. This is good news as we all know that just about everything that the men behind ‘The Walking Dead’ touch these days seem to turn to gold.

John Landis gave us such an iconic take on werewolves in his 1981 horror comedy that it seems hard to justify a new take on the source material but if anyone is going to be messing with it, I’m happy to hear it is his son who will be both writing and directing the reboot so we’ll see what happens. Of course, this being a reboot and not a 35-year later continuation is just conjecture as we don’t quite know what the plot is for this film.

While CGI is everywhere these days one can only hope that the younger Landis is faithful to his father’s vision and hires someone like Rick Baker who won his first Oscar for the amazing visual effects in the film. Practical effects are generally more expensive and time-consuming but when done right truly lends itself to a better cinematic experience when it comes to horror and not straight out action sequences. Honestly, I suspect that we’ll be getting both mixed together with Skybound on board.

Are you okay with Max Landis redoing his father’s film with ‘An American Werewolf in London’ reboot or do you think that the film shouldn’t be touched at all? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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