The journey from Dr. Stephen Strange to ‘Doctor Strange‘ was a painful and traumatic one for our latest Marvel superhero though slightly before his journey begins some of the case files he is reviewing might reference ‘Captain Marvel.’ It is a bit of a stretch but there is one way that this could be the case. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the film quite yet so turn back now if you still want to go in spoiler free!


Since you’ve been warned and are still here, let’s continue. In the film, right before the accident which ruins Strange’s hands, he is reviewing case files that were sent to his phone. One of them could even be a potential ‘Captain Marvel’ reference.

The first file listed is about a marine who had spine damage from being in an experimental suit. While everyone has been assuming that this was Captain Rhodes in the War Machine armor from ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ or possibly even the Hammer test pilot from ‘Iron Man 2’, both of these seem like they could be false. If it was the test pilot than years would have passed before the events in this film and if it was Rhodes, it wouldn’t have just happened either. Also, Rhodes was in the Air Force and wasn’t a marine which seems to negate his being the likely candidate.

After that though is mention of a woman who was struck by lightning and has a brain implant to help her control schizophrenia. This doesn’t stand out as Carol or any known hero or villain that I could mention, however, director Scott Derrickson did say if that person was related to the ‘Captain Marvel’ film did smilingly say:

“Remember that Brittany Murphy movie where she goes ‘I’ll never tell…”

Again, not confirmation but Nicole Perlman who is the screenwriter for ‘Captain Marvel’ did say that:

“We won’t know until 2019 if this is a direct link to ‘Captain Marvel’ or perhaps the villain she is battling.”

Do you think that this case file could be a reference to the new origin story for ‘Captain Marvel’ or will it end up being completely unrelated? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: EW

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