Clearly, Netflix is not the only streaming service that can bring us successful original television for audiences of all ages, and for proof of that you need look no further than the fact that Amazon is about to release the second season of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go.” The popular series that makes use of CGI animation and live action model sets, produced by IVT Studios, Pukeko Pictures, and in collaboration with Weta Workshop (who rose to fame helping Peter Jackson create the world of Middle Earth for ‘The Lord of the Rings’) is back for a new season, continuing the story of the International Rescue team and the five brothers that comprise that family, as they struggle to pull off impossible rescue missions across the globe.

To promote the second season, Amazon recently released a new trailer showing off what they have in store for fans of the show during the new season. The trailer demonstrates that the show’s visual style will remain the same from the first season, but it seems like in the second season, some of the show’s focus might change from just the external threats to some of the internal friction between team members. Specifically the internal drama between Kayo and the rest of the team, as she continues to obsess over hunting down the Hood to stop him from causing any more problems, a mentality which the rest of the team might eventually come around to understanding if the events depicted in the trailer are the to be understood.

Check out the full trailer for yourself (below the jump), and then make sure to share any thoughts you have on the show in the comments section below that!

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