James Gunn
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So as we are all too aware, at this particular point in time it is looking less and less likely that we are going to be seeing a cross-over from the Netflix corner of the MCU onto the cinematic part of the MCU, same goes from the ABC part of the MCU onto the Cinematic part of the MCU (although there might be some hope for something between ABC and Netflix, but that’s not the point of this article). And yes we are all sad and disappointed because while they may tout that “it’s all connected,” they have yet to truly live up to that mantra, but we still have faith because it’s better than Warner Bros and their DC offerings where at any one point in time we have 2 or 3 different versions of a character existing on the big screen and their various television shows (and the company truly does not care about crossing over their properties whatsoever.

Anyways, while we may not get cross-overs with MCU characters at the moment, it seems maybe we can get some cross-overs with some folks behind the cameras. While doing one of his famous Facebook Live videos recently, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn was recently asked if he would ever consider directing a few episodes of say ‘Jessica Jones’ or ‘Luke Cage,’ to which the fan favorite director responded with the following:

“If it was under the right circumstances, maybe. But it would never be one that is preexisting; it would have to be the pilot of a new show.”

Which would be very interesting. If one of the MCU directors came over to do a Netflix show, I feel that would GREATLY increase the odds of seeing some cameos from at least one of two of the actors he worked with while making his film in the cinematic part of the MCU, especially Gunn as he seems to have developed great working relationships with the cast of ‘Guardians.’ And can you imagine how awesome a Netflix show created by Gunn would be? Sure, it probably would not be as dark as the other Hell’s Kitchen hero shows, but that might be a welcome change, and help keep things fresh and interesting in the Netflix corner of the MCU.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Should Gunn just stick with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy?’ Or do you think it would be interesting if he helped launch a new Netflix show with his own unique twist on it? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend