With the ever expanding world of the Arrowverse, fans have long been anticipating the introduction of one of DC’s most famous properties into the world of the Green Arrow and Barry Allen, especially in light of all the references over the years to Ferris Air, missing pilots, Coast Cities, and even a visual reference on screen of a man wearing a flight jacket walking by the camera with the name tag of “Jordan.” And while fans have hoped it was all part of a long term plan to eventually introduce the Green Lantern into the CW DC properties, apparently that is not the case, as recently the sad news was dropped during an interview with CBR while speaking about ‘Arrow’s’ 100th episode celebration. According to ‘Arrow’ Executive Producer Wendy Mericle:

“One of the fun parts of the show is that you can put these characters in and the Easter eggs and the fans that know this universe so well respond to it on varying levels of excitement and whatnot, but the thing about her character that’s so intriguing is that it operates on that level. It also operates because she’s someone who’s very intrigued by Oliver, who’s going to uncover some secrets that Oliver has, which is going to be really fun, and is a fun nod to the Green Lantern, who obviously we could never bring on the show.”

While this may seem like her revealing they will never do Green Lantern, they also said they would never do superpowers, and that changed real quick once they launched ‘The Flash,’ a point which even she later concedes:

“This is 100% true! I mean, really Season 6 and on, all bets are off, right?”

Plus, there is an even bigger connection to a Green Lantern this year, as we have the character of Obsidian appearing on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ who as fans may know is the son of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott. And as pointed out recently by the actor playing Obsidian, Lance Henriksen:

“It’s all in there. It’s all in there, every bit of it. Yeah, being Green Lantern’s son and all that stuff and him being gay is all in there.”

What do you think, could Mericle just be throwing us off so when they do introduce the Green Lantern it is an even bigger surprise? Or do you honestly think there is a legal/logistical reason they cannot do the Green Lantern in the Arrowverse? Share your thoughts and theories on the matter in the comments below!

Source: CBR

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