By now, most ‘Walking Dead‘ fans are working their way through the stages of grief, having at long last learned who was on the business end of Negan’s infamous baseball bat. And with that question answered, we are beginning to see some of the behind the scenes efforts that went into maintaining the suspense during the hiatus

As it turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, the producers filmed a number of alternate death scenes, to throw fans and journalists alike off the scent. This is not an unusual practice in when it comes to resolving season-ending cliffhangers. ‘The Simpsons’, for example, famously animated an entire alternate ending for their ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ cliffhanger at no small expense.

In this version of the scene, rather than the victim who was ultimately selected on the series, it is Lauren Cohan’s Maggie who Negan “introduces” to Lucille.

As this is a leaked video rather than something released by an official source, the resolution is extremely low. but regardless, it still depicts a pregnant woman being beaten to death with a bat. If you’re a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ that likely won’t bother you (it may have just made you want to watch the video that much more), but you may not want to pull it up at work.

Supposedly, a number of other alternate versions of this scene were filmed, each with its own victim. But none of those have surfaced as of yet. It would not be surprising, however, if the other eventually leak, or indeed if they’re included as bonus features when the season is eventually released on home video.

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