Supergirl may dwell on a parallel Earth from the rest of The CW’s Arrowverse, but it looks as though she and her crew will be further integrating with the upcoming fall season.  The shows ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ have crossed over a few times, beginning when ‘Supergirl’ aired on CBS, plus last season’s ‘Flash’ musical episode ‘Duet’ and Kara participated in last season’s crossover epic ‘Invasion!’, helping the Earth-1 heroes out against the Dominators.  But ‘Supergirl’ (the show) barely touched on the crossover and Supergirl (the character, played by Melissa Benoist) was sidelined by Oliver (Stephen Amell) for part of the event, as he didn’t trust her.

But the producers are making it up to Kara and company.  Producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed the upcoming four-way crossover, saying:

“Kara and Alex are at the center of it through all four hours.  One of the things we’ve been doing a lot this season is getting back to season 1 and really making it Danvers sisters-centric, so a lot of what’s going on this season is Kara and Alex doing things in tandem, and the crossover won’t be any different.”

So not only will Kara factor in heavily but so will Alex (Chyler Leigh).  It’s possible that Kara’s involvement was limited last year because it was the first year that her show aired on The CW.  Or it’s also likely, that it was due to budgetary restrictions.  After all, some of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ didn’t participate at all.

Along the lines of what Kreisberg described, expect a look back at Kara and Alex’s history in the new season’s sixth episode, ‘Midvale’, when they journey back to their childhood home.  Jordan Mazarat will return as young Alex, but young Kara will be played by a new actor, Izabela Vidovic, replacing Malina Weissman, who departed to star on Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

Benoist gave a hint as to what to expect in this episode:

“You’ll get to see, through the way they interact, how their relationship started when Kara first came to Earth, how it grew, how it became so close and why they’re so close nowadays.”

Are you a fan of the Danvers sisters?  Are you excited to get another glimpse into their past?  Are you glad that Supergirl will play a larger role in the upcoming crossover event?

Source: Entertainment Weekly