SPOILER  ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT  SPOILER ALERT  SPOILER ALERT: Seriously… if you didn’t watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 premier, don’t read this!

So, we finally have the answer.  Who did Lucille take the life of?

In a strange twist, the show chose to follow the comic book exactly… and then some.

I know not everyone reads the comics.  If you do, you went through this four years ago.  You can read my review here.

But yeah, Glenn, the eyeball hanging out, the “glub glub”… this is particularly shocking following last fall’s Glenn death fake-out.  The show seems to go through great pains to deviate from the comics, so the fact that they went all in on the Glenn bashing is rather startling in and of itself.  But other than Rick, Glenn is the longest running character on the show, so his death was pretty devastating.

He connects to nearly every long-running character, but of course, the most to his wife Maggie, who is now pregnant.  In fact her pregnancy (or rather complications from it) was the impetus for the “gang” to venture out in a desperate effort to get to Hilltop.


But he wasn’t the first.  As was heavily hinted at last season, Abraham met his end.  If you read the comics, Abraham should have gotten an arrow through the head/eye before now.  Instead, on the show, Doctor Denise Cloyd met that end.  But not before sprinkling loads of hints at Abraham’s death.  Apparently, in the Zombie Apocalypse, only one pop survived:  Orange Crush.


The Orange Crush references were sprinkled through the last few episodes of Season Six.  Abraham.  Orange hair.  Crush.  Yep.  Bye.

But then again, it’s rather safe for the producers to adhere so closely to the source material.  But what else were they going to do?  They couldn’t kill Rick or Carl, since this is THEIR story.  Nor Michonne nor Daryl, as they are fan favorites and their fans are prone to rioting.  But in the cases of Aaron, Eugene, Rosita and Sasha… well, who cares?  Other than Maggie, these were the only ones that could be sacrificed with any true impact.

Abraham had shaped up to a pretty strong character.  His profanity will be missed.

But Glenn was a central part of the show.  His absence will be quite noticeable as the show rolls on.

But, hey, there’s a tiger coming, right?