He’s back!  Arguably the most popular modern ‘Doctor Who,’ David Tennant is stepping back into his famous Converse– well figuratively, at least– for another go around thanks to the folks at Big Finish.  And that’s not all! Tennant will be joined by Catherine Tate as companion Donna Noble in this new series of audio adventures.

Big Finish has been releasing brand new in-canon adventures featuring various prior Doctors,which have impressed many fans and allowed some under-served Doctors to get a better shot in the spotlight.  But only this year did they obtain the rights to the modern series, which includes ‘Torchwood.’  Big Finish has already released their first ‘Torchwood’ audio adventure ‘The Conspiracy’ featuring original actor John Barrowman reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness.  And the two upcoming chapters feature the returns of fellow TV actors Gareth David-Lloyd, Eve Myles and Kai Owen.

But it’s doubtful that anyone saw this coming!  Tennant was the second modern Doctor, after Christopher Eccleston’s one series turn as the Ninth Doctor, which revived the long-running British sci fi series after an almost ten year hiatus.  Though Eccleston revived interest, Tennant’s portrayal blasted the franchise to new heights of popularity.  Though fans have embraced the two subsequent Doctors, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi (the current star), neither has quite attained the same level of fan love as Tennant.

Donna Noble, played by Tate, was the Tenth Doctor’s fourth companion, following the popular Martha Jones (Freema Agyaman) and Captain Jack.  Noble is distinguished by not having romantic feelings for The Doctor and for their relationship being more balanced and equal than previous Doctor/Companion interactions.

No word on when the new Tenth Doctor audio adventures will arrive.  The scripts are reportedly completed, and it’s just a matter of Tennant and Tate’s schedules allowing them to record their parts.  Tennant will next be seen on the Netflix series ‘Jessica Jones’ as the villain Killgrave.  Tate had a recurring role on the US version of ‘The Office’ and has regularly worked on TV and in theater.

Tennant’s return should spur interest in Big Finish’s audio adventure series.  Those that have sampled them quite often find themselves hooked as the studio clearly pours much love and care into their projects, remaining faithful to the TV show and delivering stories that allow fans to revisit previous Doctors in all-new tales told from throughout the show’s history.

Are you excited to hear the new adventures of the Tenth Doctor and Donna?

Source: Warped Factor